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"Europe and America" by David Ignatow SB Activity 1.4

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Lindsey Cruz

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of "Europe and America" by David Ignatow SB Activity 1.4

"Europe and America" by David Ignatow
The 2 main characters have a very strained relationship due to conflict of interests and natural barriers.
Can You Relate?
First Person Narrative-Son looking back on what's been happening

(1-4) My father brought the
emigrant bundle-
of desperation and
worn threads
that in anxiety as he stumbles
tumble out distractedly;
Visual Imagery- worn threads, emigrant bundle
(5-6) while I am bedded upon
green money
that grows
Simile- comparing grass to money
Irony because of next sentence
(6-9) Thus,
between my father who lives on a
bed of anguish
for his daily bread, and I who
tear money
at leisure by the roots,
Metaphor- "bed of anguish" Father lives almost day to day sending all extra money back to son at home. The son doesn't think much of it and spends as he pleases.
(10-14) where I lie in
sun or shade,
a vast continent of breezes,
to him,
to him, small lakes,
difficult channels to him, and hills,
mountains to him, lie between us.
-Symbolism of sun or shade- Son gets a choice while father gets "storms"
-comparisons between life of father and son
(15-19) My father comes of a hell
where bread and man have been kneaded
and baked together. You have heard the scream
as the knife fell; while I have slept
as guns pounded on the shore.
Emigrant: similar to immigrant
Soft- sensory detail appealing to the senses (touch)
Author concluding with his point about the easy life of the child and the rough life of the father.

Predict the meanings for the follwing words:
Read the poem silently , using context clues come up with definitions for the words anguish, leisure, and vast. Write the definitions in your SB books in the my notes section.
Once we have predicted meanings for these words, create a word map for each one in your vocabulary notebooks, then add them to the word wall.
Take out your homework.
Let's share our biographical sketches before reading the poem
Take a look at the chart on pg. 11
Denotation: Dictionary definition of a word.

Connotation: Idea or meaning suggested by a word or thing beyond denotation.
As we read through the poem, highlight images that contrast the two generations presented in the poem.
Bedded- settle down The son is living in the lap The words let the reader know that
to sleep of luxury. He has no worries the son has no monetary issues.
about money. The use of the These words also continue to .
Soft- not hard or firm to word soft implies that it is contrast the father and the son.
touch not "hard earned" money, One must work for a living and
he didn't have to work for it. the other just spends money as
money- medium of exchange he pleases.
Once you have completed the graphic organizer on pg.11, create a venn diagram to compare and contrast the ideas and dreams of past and present generations.
Think about the two poems and our biographical sketches when
filling out your venn diagram. You may work in groups or independently.
Once you have finished, turn to page 12 in your SB, we will answer number 9 and 10 together. Then you will create a TPCASTT for this poem.

Jamie is such a !

I had to adopt the little because I fell in love with her blue eyes and furry paws.
Connotation is everything!
While you are working silently, I will conference with each of you and discuss your writing portfolio.
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