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Global Kids Timeline

A snapshot of the last 21 years of Global Kids Inc. 1989-2010

Amira Fouad

on 20 October 2010

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Transcript of Global Kids Timeline

21 Years of Global Kids Inc.
Launch of Global Kids
at the at Foreign Policy Association
Carole Artigiani secures $50,000 from NYNEX and $215,000 from NYC Board of Education to pilot Global Kids at 8 schools.
First GK Conference held for
80 students and educators.
GK initiates its first academic and professional development programs, continues leadership at four public high schools.

GK begins the Global Action Project, a youth video and global awareness program, now an independent organization.
GK moves to New York Alliance for Public Schools at NYU and secures tax-exempt status.

GK, UNA/NYC, and UNICEF co-sponsor conference on Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The GK Annual Youth Conference is held at the World Trade Center.
Annual Conference on the Environment for 100 students and educators.

Global Kids Leaders conduct violence prevention projects in East New York and Washington Heights.
The organization’s operations move to 561 Broadway.

The FY93 budget is $300,000, there are 5 people on staff.
GK becomes and independent organization.
The Annual Conference, Help Wanted: Peacemakers, is held for over 300 students and educators.

GK collaborates with NY Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, for Comunidad Sana y Segura in Washington Heights.

Youth create a mural and produce a prize-winning video, Tales from the Heights, promoting healthy communities.
GK launches its flagship Power of Citizenry Leadership Program, which promotes civic participation, youth empowerment, and social activism.
GK is selected by The Catalog for Giving as one of 14 “extremely effective grass-roots organizations for “at-risk youth.”’ Annual Conference, RX for Community Healing, is held for over 300 participants.
First of a 7-year collaboration between GK and WNET/Channel 13 Teen Leadership Institute on diversity.
GK Staff and youth participate in the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Istanbul, Turkey.
Two youth travel to Northern Ireland and produce Walled City Stories video.
GK Leaders and staff conduct workshops in Sweden, Denmark and Croatia.
Nine people on staff and the budget for FY97 is $540,000.
Global Kids roundtables launched at Council on Foreign Relations
GK spearheads Responsibility + involvement = Change, a youth run town meeting on caring.

Four GK Leaders and three staff conduct three weeks of workshops on democracy, human rights, diversity and community building for Suncokret and Europe House/ Zagreb in Croatia. GK returns each year through 2002.
The Labor Project and the Empowerment Project on Homelessness are launched.

Global Kids begins Youth Pulse, a youth produced radio program on health issues, aired on WBAI.
The Annual Conference, Generation Globalization, is held for over 250 students & educators. As a result of their work as GK Leaders, five high school graduates receive full scholarships to Ramapo College.

GK’s Citywide leadership grows! Leadership meetings move to The Door, due to space constrains at the GK main office. $617,000 budget with 10 people on staff
GK receives the President’s Initiatives on Race Citation for Exemplary Practices in Inter-Racial Dialogue.

Human Rights- Right On!, the Annual Conference , is held for over 400 students and educators.

Eight youth and two staff conduct workshops at the Hague Appeal for Peace in the Netherlands.
GK is one of the three organizations chosen nationality to develop curriculum materials civic participation and lead a national conference for youth for Arsalyn Foundation.

In the fall, GK continues school-based academic programs in 5 schools as well as city-wide leadership, and social action projects.

Carole Artigiani receives the Spirit of Anne Frank Award.

Undesirable Elements begins.
Is Justice Just This?, the Annual Conference is held for over 400 students and educators.

Launch of the Girls health Leadership Program and evaluation receives support. FY01 budget is $817,000 and 13 people are on staff.

Global Kids secures funding to launch its Online Leadership Program.
GK staff and youth attend the World Conference on Racism in Durban, South Africa.

Global Kids takes action to address the aftermath of 9/11. GK conducts activities on bias against Muslims, xenophobia, and the U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, as we still do today.
GK receives the Ghandhi/King Award for Nonviolence at the United Nations.

Children's Rights: Our Rights, Our Lives, Our Future, the Annual Conference is held for over 500 students and educators.

GK is selected by the Afterschool Corporation (TASC) to be a professional development training provider for its sites and conducts over 150 trainings for educators over the next three years.
The Human Rights Activist Project (HRAP) begins campaign for immigrant rights.

Everything After: a 9.11 Youth Circle (E.A9.11(, an online dialogue project, is launched, bringing together over 350 youth from NYC and around the world to discuss critical issues in a post 9/11 world.

Youth of Many Nations Confront Discrimination, the Annual Conference, is held for over 600 students and educators.
GK is awarded a grant by the Department of Education and Gates, Carnegie and OSI Foundations to open the High School for Global Citizenship.

War-Stop it. Peace-Be It., the Annual Conference is held for 750 students and educators.

GK reaches more than 9,400 youth in New York City and beyond.

Nine youth and three staff facilitate workshops from NYC to Costa Rica on the Japanese Peace Boat.
Global Kids Power of Citizenry Leadership Program is offered at ten school-based sites.

The Human Rights Activist Project focuses its campaign on the issue of homelessness. They also raise over $6000 through the first-ever GK Scholarship Walk to provide financial aid to college-bound GK leaders.

The Annual Conference, Global Unity, brought together over 600 youth and adults for a day of learning, dialogue, and action on international cooperation and conflict, globalization, and democratization.
Newz Crew, a collaboration with PBS’s NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, combines Global Kids’ approach to world affairs education and online learning

Global Kids reaches more than 11,000 youth and educators in NYC and beyond
Over 95% of the seniors in our leadership program, many of whom were once identified as “at risk for school dropout,” graduated from high school.
In June 2005, over ninety percent of the seniors in that program graduated from high school and, of those, ninety- two percent went on to college.

The 2005 Annual Conference on Global Health gathers over 600 students.

Students in the Human Rights Activist Project organized a “Day of Action” at each of their schools to educate their peers about hunger, housing, health, and immigration.

Through GK’s Playing 4 Keeps gaming program, students at South Shore HS in Brooklyn worked with professional game designers to develop and launch an online game, Ayiti: The Cost of Life, which explored the obstacles to education in rural Haiti. Global Kids reaches more that 12,600 youth and educators this year.

A 24% budget increase allowed the organization to...

increase the number of technical assistance trainings by over 30%

...bring our theater, college exploration, and HRAP projects to additional schools ...

and launch a U.S. foreign policy summer institute and peer education projects in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations
The Global Kids team of 34 professionals and 596 Global Kids youth leaders reached over 16,000 teenagers in the classroom, at after-school sites, and at special events and well over one million through our pioneering digital media programs.

The Annual Conference on Global Media gathered over 600 students to address such impacts as Human Rights and Media

Global Kids becomes the first educational organization to conduct programs in the online virtual world of Teen Second Life.

Global Kids leaders travel aboard the Peace Boat to Kenya, Eritrea, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, and Italy.
The Annual Conference, “It’s 2007: Do you know where your Environment is?” educated 600 attendees on environmental sustainability, war and the environment, and energy.

In 2006-2007, 596 GK Leaders created and led workshops, conferences, campaigns, and performances for 4,466 other young people

GK’s High School for Global Citizenship hosts a number of distinguished guest speakers, including former child soldier and author Ishmael Beah.

Global Kids moves to its new headquarters on 25th Street and establishes the Center for Global Leadership for training and youth programs.
20 GK leaders at Canarsie High School create Hurricane Katrina: Tempest in Crescent City, an educational online game recognizing the efforts of local heroes during the disaster.

The Global Kids Fellows program provides ten fellows- all NYC public school teachers and youth workers- with intensive training in GK’s content and methodology.

Six GK leaders in the Human Rights Activist Project travel to Mexico to join local NGOs working to address poverty and discrimination in Mexico and develop action projects in NYC upon their return.
GK Leaders participate in Red Hand Day and meet with Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon at the United Nations- the culmination of a worldwide youth campagin against the use of children in armed conflict.

At the 2008 Annual Conference, “Politics: What’s the 411?” 66 GK Leaders from 26 high schools educated over 500 youth, educators and others about lobbying, race and gender in politics, the impact of media on the political process, and key foreign policy issues in the 2008 campaign.

During 2007-2008, 50 Global Kids Leaders created campaigns that addressed nutrition, sexual health, and access to education.

Through the Undesirable Elements program, 26 GK leaders write, develop, and perform an educational theater piece that incorporated world history, their cultural heritage and personal stories, and issues raised in the 2008 U.S. elections.
Global Kids conducts its flagship Power of Citizenry program at 14 school sites, as well as at its Center for Global Leadership in Manhattan.

Eight Global Kids leaders travel to the Dominican Republic to collaborate with community groups working on environmental sustainability.

The 2009 Annual Youth Conference, “Global Kids: Be the Vaccine” brings over 600 students and educators together to discuss issues related to HIV/AIDS, malnutrition and hunger, and food justice.

GK youth present at UN General Assembly to the Heads of State and to first spouses luncheon.
GK leaders in the Human Rights Activist Project targeted school bullying and discrimination, food justice, and racial profiling.

In June of 2010, Global Kids students at Fordham High School for the Arts opened their Growing Justice Community Garden.

Through the summer youth employment program, GK leaders spend the summer advocating for food justice and environmental sustainability.

Two GK youth participate in the 5th Annual World Youth Congress in Istanbul, Turkey, leading workshops on the role of youth in achieving the Millennium Development goals.

In Global Kids “I Dig Brazil” program, students from the High School for Global Citizenship collaborate virtually with teens and scientists at the Chicago Field Museum to explore paleontology and biology.

Global Kids launches a pilot program in Washington, D.C. working with the District of Columbia Public School system.
Global Kids honors Carole Artigiani and her remarkable leadership as she transitions to her new role as Founder and Senior Advisor. GK celebrates the appointment of Evie Hantzopoulos to Executive Director.
GK Leaders participate in the UN Conference on the Environment and Development with Al Gore.
Over 100 GK leaders and their supporters rally at City Hall park in June 2009 to advocate for student leadership and input in key decisions made by the Department of Education
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