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simon warburton

on 16 March 2010

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Transcript of FL @ KTS

Foundation Learning self esteem co-construction of
learning teachers as facilitators new methods of assessment enrichment different markers of achievment something different
to GCSE ? Accreditation Courses Resources Level 1 Certificate
in Skills Towards Enabling
Progression (STEP UP) 150 GLH ECM Outcomes Spikey Profile 15 QCF credits at level 1
and maximum of 6 at EL3 Optional units from a
wide range of sectors Internal assessment
via many methods One option block (5 hours per
fortnight) Students offered the subject
in consultation with parents SENCO teaches the group resourcing issues.. Only 8 students
in the class Vision Callum IFP - construction Geography "....would like to go to
college if i can get on....." Communication unit -
body language Taking part in
sport - Rugby relaxed
atmosphere Luke "...I liked learning about
sign language..." IFP- Motor Vehicle French Performance unit
Britain's got talent.. No idea of what he
wants to do after school Lauren Food - Drama - Step UP - Art no idea about
post 16 Optional unit - retail.
Work in Top Shop "..I like the small
group.." Cameron "...I want to be
a chef..." Food - Geog - Step Up - Drama Completed a food
Unit - made a pizza Functional Skills Diploma - 39 credits IAG Personalise - KT influence Individual Learning
Plans http://prezi.com/zoxxj3qxrhya/ Thank You.....
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