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SS 9: English Civil War - Regions & Changes

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Devon Allen

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of SS 9: English Civil War - Regions & Changes

The Seas
The English Civil War:
The Regions of Great Britain

A Few Key Terms
: a government that is controlled by the people who live under it.
The Regions
Today the United Kingdom consists of; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
The Regions
As an island nation they have always been seafarers.
A Changing Britain
Southeast Britain is heavily populated and more politically important.
Skilled workers were able to make a good living, many belonged to cooperatives, they made sure that they were protected and watched for their welfare.
There was huge unemployment in the cities leading to the development of slums.
Civil Rights
: the rights of a citizen
Magna Carta
: the Great Charter guaranteeing the English people certain civil rights
Civil War
: a war between citizens of the same country
: a country without a monarch
Constitutional Monarchy
: a monarchy in which the monarch rules according to a constitution and laws of a nation

Southern Britain is fertile while northern Britain consists of Highlands.
This is an important factor during the political disturbances in the 17th century...
After the defeat of the Spanish Armada, English ships traveled anywhere they wanted.
England began to colonize all over the world, bringing much wealth to the country through trade.

English population and the economy grew rapidly during this time.
Society was becoming more stratified and divided by the different classes.
Members of the middle class aspired to join the upper class
The lower class was still struggling to survive everyday.
The upper and middle classes lived in town and country houses full of valuable possessions, showing their wealth.
Lower classes barely made enough to survive while others still lived in poverty.
Many could never improve their lives, widows lost their husbands wages
The poor usually lived on beer and bread and occasionally some meat, the upper class ate enormous amounts of meat.
English diet and customs were changing rapidly because of goods and products arriving from all over the world.
Meanwhile, The Rich...
The advent of the Coffee House gave men an opportunity to talk politics and gossip while drinking coffee and smoking tobacco.
Canadian Beaver skins led to a new fashion style...
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