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Mother and Daughter

No description

Jennifer Yan

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter

A short story by Gary Soto
Short Story Presentation By Jennifer Y
The story, " Mother and Daughter' is a short story by Gary Soto. This story describes the daily life of a mother, Mrs. Moreno and daughter Yollie. They moved from Mexico and lived in a small house, poor but was happy to be with each other. They get into arguments, play pranks on each other and always loved each other.
However, there was a dance coming up in the school and Yollie really wanted to participate but they couldn't afford a new dress and she didn't want to wear an old one. Mrs. Moreno decided to dye Yollie old dress black, to make her dress look better and new. Yollie didn't want to wear her old dress to the dance, but she had no choice.
Then, the dress came out beautiful. It was black and shiny, you couldn't tell that the dress is an used one. Yollie thanked her mother and hurried to school to dance with Ernie.
Later, it started to rain and the paint on the dress was dripping off. Yollie stayed in the girls restroom until the dance was over and went home and blamed her mother.
Later, Ernie invited Yollie to the movies. She asked her mom for permission and some money. In the end, Mrs. Moreno held out some money and gave it to Yollie. Then she said to her, “I’ve been saving a little every month,” said Mrs. Moreno. “For you, m’ija.” and they went shopping for clothes.
Plot Diagram
Rising Action
Falling Action
Examination of Character
There was a mother and a daughter, Mrs Moreno and Yollie. They were really poor, but they had a good relationship with each other.
There was a dance coming up at school, Yollie wanted to go with Ernie, but they couldn't afford a new dress.
Mrs Moreno dyed Yollie's old dress to make it look better. At the dance, the paint dripped everywhere because of the rain.
Yollie was upset, but she knew that is wasn't her mother's fault that they didn't have enough money.
Ernie asked if Yollie can go to the movies with him. Mrs. Moreno held out some money and said to her,
“I’ve been saving a little every month,” They bought some clothes for Yollie.
Physical Description/Stereotypes
Thoughts, Words, Actions & Decisions
Interactions with other Characters
Changes in their Attitude/Behavior
(Lack of)
wants to dress pretty
a normal school girl
wears old clothes/dresses
Studies hard because her mother wants her to be a doctor
eighth grade
pays attention in class/ good student
Best friends with Janice -unimportant
Mother of Yollie, Mrs. Moreno, they have a good relationship and deep bond. They care about each other and take care of each other.
Listens to her mother, pays attention in class
Was angry and frustrated at her mother because of
lack of money, being poor and unable to afford a dress
Went to the movies with Ernie and went shopping
Decides to go the dance wearing an old dress dyed black
Didn't realize importance of money
Blamed mother for lack of money
Wanted to have the best dance ever with Ernie
Think of ways to make money
Felt sorry for blaming her mom
Was happy because she gets to go to the movies with Ernie and now has a better relationship with mother
Physical Description/Stereotypes
Different colors and shapes
Coins or bill
Metal or paper
Thought, Words, Actions & Decisions
Causes conflicts, arguments between Yollie and her mom.
Useful for people, used by Yollie and
Mrs. Moreno for shopping.
Changes in their attitude and behavior
Money is a thing, it didn't change
Yollie's attitude and behavior towards money changed. She believed that it
was her mother's fault that they are not wealthy. However, later in the story, Yollie realized that money isn't everything. It is not as important as family. A person may
live a happy life without alot of money while others won't find themselves satifyed
even with plenty.
Interaction with other Characters
Yollie wanted more money so she can buy a new dress for the dance. She doesn't like the fact that her family needed more money, or that they couldn't afford a new dress.
Mrs. Moreno wants more money so she can give Yollie a new dress while saving money for college, but it didn't work out. She believes that money is less important than Yollie.
Time: Unsure, the present, the 21st century. I think that the time period is the present because TV, movies, dances seems common and modern in this short story. The season is fall because it says in the text that Yollie needs a new outfit for the eighth-grade fall dance. The conflict is at afternoon, when Yollie runs home blaming her mother about the dress. Since this is a school dance for grade 8, then they can't stay too late.
Space: Unsure, a school or house in Canada, in a city. I think the story takes place in Canada or United States because it's multicultural country and Yollie and
Mrs. Moreno are from Mexico. Also, the author mentioned that Yollie is a student of the Catholic school Saint Theresa, and we have one in Richmond Hill. The conflict happens in the school, where the dance takes place and Yollie and Mrs.Moreno's house.
The story starts at Yollie and Mrs.Moreno's house.
Examination of Character
Usually put in bag or wallet
Money is a thing, it doesn't have thoughts.
Ernie, the third best speller in the class, he likes Yollie.
In the beginning of the story, the atmosphere and mood was calm, happy and peaceful. Yollie and her mother live together, they sometimes play pranks, but they usually got well together.
During the rising action and the climax,
the atmosphere and mood was frustrated, annoyed and depressed. Yollie was frustrated at her mother that they couldn't afford a new dress, she thinks that it was her mother's fault that the dance was ruined. She was annoyed by the lack of money, unable to have what she wants. And Yollie was depressed that she couldn't buy a new dress for the dance. She was also depressed that she yelled at her mom, Mrs.Moreno when she did nothing wrong.
The atmosphere for ending is similar to beginning of the story, happy, cheerful, and lucky. It is happy because the daughter and the mother were back to the good relationship and they still love each other. Yollie now feels relaxed and cheerful because she now realize that money is not everything. She feels lucky because even if she isn't rich, she has a caring mother who loves her.
This story helps me understand that it is hard for parents/single parents, to take care of their child/ children and get them extra things, like a toy or a new outfit.
The theme to this story is also to be grateful for what you have. In the story Yollie is poor and is embarrassed because of it. Yollie is so upset that they don't have money that she yelled at her mom and made her sad.
Money can't buy happiness, but you can use it to get something that makes you happy. Some people like family may love you, but they can't give you everything you want. Treasure the people around you.
Mother and daughter living happily together
Yollie needed a dress, but they couldn't
afford a new one.
Dyed her dress black with paint.
The paint came off
because of the rain
and headed home.
Was sad.
Went shopping for outfit.
And they lived happily
ever after.
The lack of money doesn't allow Yollie to get a new dress for the dance.
Yollie and Mrs. Moreno were poor.
"Yollie needing a new outfit for the eighth-grade fall dance. They couldn’t afford one."
“We don’t have the money,”
However, Mrs. Moreno used money to buy an outfit for Yollie and they were happy.
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