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Ingnio Artefact's Interface Engin

Ingenio overall view

dan Berez

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Ingnio Artefact's Interface Engin

What do we cover ? Use of a standardized form associated with a data dictionary.
Data dictionary specific to healthcare.
Data dictionary inspired by the HL7 data model.
In reception, extraction and decoding of the informational contents towards the standardized internal form.
In generation, encoding of the informational contents towards the specific form expected by the recipient.
The use of a standardized form allows independence between the treatment of the messages from sources systems and to destination systems.
The standardized form facilitates the re-use of the interface modules from an environment to another
Artefact Hands on Our work force is of more than 50 healthcare specialized employs
Our team covers all the software aspects, from design to support;
More than one hundred production units of our solutions are deployed
Clinical axes of expertises
- Imagery
- Management of the Med drugs
- Integration
A strong element of innovation research
- Perinatality
- XDS: ibm world center excellence
- EMPI - Blod TransferSynopsis

More than 100 production units;
More than 1200 channels in productions;
More than one billion annually treated messages;
Reception and transmission of a message: 10 milliseconds
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