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Welcome to US History

Expectations for Ms. Weiss and Mr. Sarver's US History classes

Emily Weiss

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to US History

Your Path to Success in U.S. History
Welcome to U.S. History
with Ms. Weiss and Mr. Sarver!
The course is a study of American history from the colonial era through today. Through this class, you will build an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of Americans at home and of America in the world. Additionally, we will strive to develop essential social studies skills that will help you find success on important tests, in school more generally, in the work place and as an informed citizen in today's world.
Class Policies
What skills are you talking about?
College and real world skills such as:
note taking,
critical thinking,
reading difficult text,
academic writing,
oral communication,
use of technology,
document and source analysis, and
professional participation in local history events.
Materials Needed for Class
Please look at the weights of assignments - tests and quizzes, projects, and daily participation are important!

Tests & Quizzes 30%
Projects 30%
Participation & HW 20%
Semester Exam 20%
(10% multiple choice, 10% performance)

All homework is to be turned in at the beginning of class on the due date. Assignments submitted one day late will earn 70% credit; work turned in after one day but before the end of the unit will earn 50% credit. Student should write “late” and the date the assignment is turned in on any late work. Please talk to a teacher and communicate early if you foresee a problem turning in an assignment on time.
Late Work
If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain missed work by talking to a teacher before or after class (not interrupting during class). You will be given one day for each day absent to complete your make-up work, unless you make specific alternative arrangements. If you miss an exam, you must be prepared to make up the exam on the day you return to school. It is YOUR responsibility to reschedule the missed assessment. Assignments that were due on the date of absence must be turned in the day you return to school or they are penalized as late.
Contacting Teachers
Please use the class website to find missing assignments and talk to your classmates! You can contact Ms. Weiss and/or Mr. Sarver best by email.

When you email, use your D127 address - other email systems may get lost in our spam and won't be received until the following day.

Always use a meaningful subject in the subject line, write professionally and proofread before you hit ‘send.’
Data Sheet
Please review the syllabus with your parents or guardians and complete the data sheet. This data sheet - along with having your required materials in class- is homework due Monday.
We are looking forward to a great year!
What are your goals for US History this year? What are your larger goals for your junior year of high school?
We're glad you're here!!!
First Homework Assignment:
Bring required materials and signed data sheet to class tomorrow or Monday!
EQ: What can I expect this year in US History?
Grades will be updated regularly in PowerSchool. Be sure that you have your log-in by the end of August, and that you are keeping up with your goals for this class and others.

Junior year is an important year!
By the end of the year, you will have:
a better understanding of American history
improved social studies skills
Unit 1: Colonies and Revolution
Unit 2: Rights and Responsibilities in Early America
Unit 3: Civil War and Reconstruction
Unit 4: Growth of Industry and the Progressives
Unit 5: Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression
Unit 6: War in the 20th Century
Unit 7: Civil Rights and Our Responsibilities Today
Composition notebook (will remain in classroom)
Binder or folder for take homes

Pencils, pens and highlighter

Student handbook

Textbook (when asked)

The above materials must be brought to class every day starting MONDAY!

Keep cell phones or iPods off and away before, during and after class, unless instructed to do so for class activity
When using technology, use school appropriate language, images and programs assigned for activities
Ask questions when you don’t understand
Be thoughtful on assignments and use your own words - no plagiarism!
Using your time effectively & be a positive influence!
Be on time and in your assigned seat BEFORE the bell rings
Be prepared for class each day
Use time during the entire period effectively, including throwing out garbage as you leave the class
Be engaged by taking notes and keeping your head up off your desk for the entire 50-minute period
Check the class website (www.classjump.com/weiss) or ask for missing work BEFORE class after you've been absent
When handing in late work, write name, “ABSENT” or “LATE,” and date at the top of the paper
CHECK POWERSCHOOL!!!! After all, it is your grade!

Raise your hand - please do not blurt out
Have your handbook to leave the room
Use appropriate language
Appropriately state your opinion without offending others
Participate in discussions and group work in a respectful, productive, and encouraging way!
We are ALL RESPONSIBLE for everyone learning in class!
Following classroom/activity instructions
Using materials, equipment and technology properly
Having only water, leaving other food or drinks outside
Leaving the desk and chairs on the floor -all 4 legs of each
Staying on task and in your seat until the bell rings

Units of Study:
Welcome to US History with Ms. Weiss and Mr. Sarver! As you come in...
Choose a marker and write your last name on the binding of your student handbook.
Read the orange sheet of paper and sign to recognize that you have received student handbook.
On your notecard...
Name Birthday
1. What was a highlight of your summer?
2. What are the sports or extracurricular activities you’re involved with at GNHS or in the community?
3. Do you have a job? Where do you work and how many hours per week? Are you looking for a job?
4. What is one unique thing about you?
5. Candy! What is your favorite candy?
6. Music! What is a school appropriate song that makes you happy?

“Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.”
-Martin Luther King
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