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Personality Analysis: Bluestar

An amateur psychological analysis of the character Bluestar (from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter) for my Psych class.

Jonah Mills

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Personality Analysis: Bluestar

Map of the Forest
Personality Analysis:

From the book series
by Erin Hunter.

A Bit of Background
Bluestar is a bluish-gray she-cat. Yes, a cat.
She lives in the Forest, the unowned territories just outside a small human town.
There are four Clans in the forest:
Bluestar is a member of ThunderClan.
She and her sister, Snowfur, lost their mother at an early age due to an attack on WindClan.
She fell in love with (and bore three kits by) Oakheart, a tom from RiverClan.
They had to keep it a secret as friendship, let alone affairs, between cats of different Clans are strictly prohibited.
Due to a prophecy from StarClan (the spirits of their deceased warrior friends, kin, and ancestors), she was to become Clan leader one day to prevent a more bloodthirsty warrior from becoming Clan leader.
Because of this, she had to give up her kits to Oakheart and his Clan (one died on the journey)
During the later years of her rule, she was betrayed by her power-hungry and ambitious deputy, Tigerclaw.
This unexpected event (and her old age) caused her mind to become fragile and a little scattered.
All-in-all, she experienced much tragedy and sadness in her life. She had to save her Clan from certain destruction at her own expense.
Personality Analysis
Knowing what we know now (and still learning a little along the way), let's begin looking at her personality to see why she handles different situations the way she does.
According to Cattell's Personality Types, the 16 PF Scale
While she does like time to herself to mull things over and consider the needs and thoughts of her Clan, she also makes it a point to visit with her Clanmates, especially those who are expecting kits. While she quite enjoys this, she tries to have a substantial and meaningful conversation about her Clanmate's concerns and desires.
While it is true that Bluestar tends to look and observe simple and undeniable facts before forming conclusions, she also relies heavily on her gut feeling and her trust in others to solve problematic situations.
While Bluestar does put much thought into her decisions, she ultimately makes decisions upon what she feels is right.
When she makes decisions that will affect the fate of her Clan, she prefers to follow plans which leave her with other available options and courses of action, therefore remaining flexible in case the situation changes. She takes definitive, irreversible action only when completely necessary.
For example, she refused to believe the tom who told her of Tigerclaw's deceit because Tigerclaw was an incredible warrior with unwavering loyalty to his Clan.
For example she was told that Ravenpaw, one tom who had witnessed one of the many treacheries of Tigerclaw, was still alive (he was believed to be dead when in fact he was in hiding far, far away) and she decided not to tell the rest of the Clan because there must have been a good reason for him to run away from his own Clan.
For example, when ThunderClan was on the verge of war with a rival Clan, rather than rush into open battle, she decided to attempt negotiations twice before invading the enemy camp.
Albert Bandura's Social Learning Theory
Albert Bandura's Social Learning theory revolves heavily around the concept of
. We monitor our own actions and if the desired effect of the action is not realized, we usually refrain from repeating the action. If the desired effect is realized, however, then in order to reinforce that response from our environment we repeat the action.
Bluestar learned through her mother's death that going to battle when it is seemingly needless can result in great and inevitable loss.
She also learned from her bout of depression after her mother's death that sulking and refusing to move on past tragedy does not serve her nor her Clan.
Due to these lessons, as leader of her Clan she is cautious and attempts to find a diplomatic solution to conflicts before resorting to force, and she always provides emotional support for her Clanmates.
An Excerpt from
Bluefur's sister, Snowfur, has just died due to an accident on the Thunderpath (road). Now, she has to explain to Whitekit, Snowfur's only kit, why he will never see Snowfur again.
Blindly stumbling, she managed to reach the bottom of the ravine. She padded into the clearing and past her Clanmates, who knew nothing of the tragedy, who still believed Snowfur was still alive.
She slid into the nursery. "Whitekit."
"You're back!" Whitekit looked delighted. He glanced behind. Bluefur. "Is Snowfur with you?"
Bluefur took a deep breath tensed to stop her paws from shaking. "Come outside, little one," she mewed.
"Has Snowfur got a present for me?" Whitekit chirped.
Tigerkit stopped chasing Brindlekit's tail. "Can I come, too?"
"Just Whitekit," Bluefur told him, thanking StarClan that he listened for once.
Whitekit followed her out and she led him to the fallen tree and ducked in among the branches.
"What is it? Where's Snowfur?" he squeaked. "Is she playing hide-and-seek?"
"Come here." Bluefur wrapped her tail around his small body and pulled him close, sheltering him beside her belly. She bent over him, shielding the sight of Adderfang carrying his mother's body into camp.
"She felt her heart crack.
So much pain
. "Snowfur won't be coming back."
Whitekit looked up at her. "Till when?"
"Why not?" Whitekit stiffened. "Doesn't she like me anymore?"
"She loves you very much," Bluefur promised. "She'll always love you. But she's with StarClan now."
Whitekit put his head on one side. "Can I visit her?"
Bluefur shook her head.
"Goosefeather and Featherwhisker visit StarClan all the time," Whitekit argued. "I can do it, too."
"It's not that easy." With every word, Bluefur felt herself getting more and more lost. How would she ever make him understand without breaking his heart? She gazed into his round blue eyes. The pain of Snowfur's death was not hers alone. She was going to
to break his heart.
"She's dead, Whitekit. You won't see her anymore. You won't smell her or hear her or feel her fur next to yours ever again."
How the Passage Represents the Character
In the passage we see that, as much as Snowfur's death pains her, Bluefur forces herself to accept the fact, and on top of that she must be the one to break the news to Whitekit. She tries to do this in a very passive way, but when it does not work she must resort to being blunt and just coming out with it.
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