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The Effects of Fertilizer on Plant Growth

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Amanda Raffa

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of The Effects of Fertilizer on Plant Growth

The Effects of Fertilizer on Plant Growth
By: Amanda Raffa

Plant Growth
Begins with a
Develops into an
Embryo forms into a
Seedling forms and grows

Plant will begin to
the bud will bloom into a

Fertilizer will have a positive effect on plant growth
A water based fertilizer will work the best because water along with proper nutrition helps plants grow at their optimum level
Growing crops is an extremely important for sustaining life on Earth
By providing plants with proper nutrition, we are able to allow them to grow in the best conditions
Some environments of plants don't provide plants with all the proper nutrients, which is why fertilizers are added to soil

To see if by adding fertilizer to plants, it will have a positive effect on their growth,
To find that out of a solid, liquid, powdered fertilizer, or plain soil which has the best effect on the growth of plants
Step 1:
Step 2:
Embryo Forms
Step 3-4
Seedling forms Roots
Step: 5
Bud Forms
Step: 6
Bud blooms into a flower
How plants provide themselves with food and give off oxygen, by using energy
from the sunlight
Basic Needs of a Plant
There are certain nutrients a plant needs in order for it to grow up and survive properly
These nutrients can be split into 3 Groups
Macro nutrients
Micro nutrients
Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon
They can sometimes be lacking from soil, which is why fertilizer is added to a plant in it's environment
Macro nutrients
Needed in large amounts by the plant
Most Common:
Micro nutrients
Needed in much smaller amounts by the plant
Most Common
Contain the nutrients that plants need to survive
Allow for plants to have an enhanced growth rate
Although if you add to much fertilizer, you can harm the plant because you are overpowering it
It is a good thing to use a fertilizer when gardening, but make sure you follow the directions and keep a good eye on the plants.
I observed my plants for over two weeks, and the pots that contained fertilizers grew more than the pot with no fertilizer.
Final Results (Over 2 Weeks, Tallest Sprout)
Solid - 8 1/2 In.
Liquid - 5 In.
Powdered - 8 In.
Control - 4 3/4 In.
I was surprised that out of the three pots with fertilizer, the liquid fertilizer grew the least in two weeks. I predicted that this one would grow the best, but I believe that it was a source of error in my experiment. I think the fertilizer just sunk to the bottom of the pot with the water and didn't get to fertilize the plant itself. It was not able to get within the soil, but get washed out when it was watered.
This shows how fertilizer has a positive effect on plant growth, and that by adding a fertilizer, you can enhance the ability of growth in a plant.
Day 1
Day 4
Day 8
Day 10
Day 12
Day 14

Sometimes soil doesn't contain all the necessary nutrients that plants need to survive
To solve this issue, Fertilizer is added to soil to add the lacking nutrients to the soil.
Fertilizer contains Macro and Micro nutrients that plants need to survive.
Although I didn't prove my hypothesis, I learned that fertilizer has a positive effect on plant growth.
I was surprised to see that the solid and powdered fertilizers grew much more than the liquid, but I believe this was a source of error in my experiment.
Even though the liquid fertilizer didn't grow the most, it still grew more than the control, along with the powdered and solid. This shows how fertilizer did effect the growth of plants.
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