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Educloud | Educational Cloud Computing

Educloud - Educational Cloud Computing and the steps to take from a educational point of view.

Arie Wels

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Educloud | Educational Cloud Computing

Educational Cloud Computing

By A.F. Wels twitter: afwels Educator in Computer Science & Visual Arts.
Entrepreneur in educational cloud computing.

Join the conversation @ http://www.educational-cloud-computing.com J. Presper Eckert demonstrates the UNIVAC mainframe computer that he helped design for the United States Census Bureau, Philadelphia, PA, June 14, 1951. 2010 Apps on an iPhone use resources
Globalisation Stop looking back.
Don't continue with what you
did in the past. Organize personlised learning Create changes Create offline and online learning zones Enhance creativity Learning happens even after school. Contact me @: a.f.wels@welsonline.net THINK ABOUT IT Typical classroom situation:
30 students, 1 teacher, 1 hour lesson.

To whom did students ask questions before What kind of questions do you ask your students?

Are they enriched, engaged, challenced,
enhanced.... WHAT IS LEARNING?

What kind of supporting tools do you need to be able to learn in and outside a classroom? What do we know:
- Learning takes place:

Learning needs to be on demand and right
on time. AnyTime:

Learning doesn't take place inside the classroom alone.

Learning takes place:
Depending on the person sometimes better in the afternoon then in the morning.
Depending on the age, learning aproaches should be different.

The learner wants to be able to learn when a learning moment happens out
of motivation related to interest in something.

A learner needs to be able to access content on demand @AnyTime. @AnyPlace

Learning takes place:
@fieldtrips Students working @VanAbbeMuseum, Eindhoven. SO WHAT COMES
NEXT? AnyTime & AnyPlace Teaching and Learning
21st century devices

supported by teachers Putting the puzzle together. Combine 21st century tools together with
educational and didactical skills of teachers.

Need some advice: feel free to contact me.
Let us all work together to rebuild education.
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