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Pepsi Syringe Crisis of 1993

No description

taylor wang

on 22 December 2013

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Transcript of Pepsi Syringe Crisis of 1993

Pepsi Syringe Crisis of 1993
PR Communication Tools
Public safety first and foremost

Find the problem and fix it

Communicate frequently, quickly, and regularly

Take full responsibility until the crisis was resolved
- FDA and FBI along with PepsiCo investigate all reports

- Over 50 reporters of product tampering in more than 20 states

- Consumers advised to pour soda in a glass as a precaution

“FDA announced that the syringes were not contaminated and issued a statement that consumers in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii should pour canned drinks into a glass prior to drinking, just to be safe.”
The Crisis Hits
June 9,1993
: Syringe found in a Diet Pepsi can(Tacoma, Washington)

Days later...
more than 50 new reports of tampered with Pepsi products
in more than 20 states
with objects including:

syringes, a wood screw, a bullet, a crack cocaine vial, and a
sewing needle

"There's syringe in my Pepsi can!"
First complaint reported
in Tacoma, WA
June 9
June 10
June 13
2 more complaints reported
(1 from LA; 1 from PA)
June 14
Multiple complaints reported
from multiple states

PepsiCo crisis counselors address
the public in regards to tampering
June 15
Dozens of complaints reported
from multiple states
June 16
June 17
June 18
Another dozen complaints
reported from mulitple states
2 more complaints reported
(1 from MD; 1 from NY)
PepsiCo announced
needle-in-can scare Over
Only lasted for 2 weeks
FDA issued 5 states alert advising
consumers to inspect their sodas
by pouring
Brief history of Pepsi
The crisis began
Process of this event
4 steps process to mitigating
the crisis
Media’s influences
How Pepsi solve the problems
Analyzing of this event
How it was handled in 1993
Media Reaction
Many statements were hoaxes

Media created panic among consumers

Media awareness

Media visual

Fight media with media
Crisis Resolution
Crisis Management team

Video release
- 4 video new releases (VNR)
- surveillance footage

Gathering Information
- FDA and Pepsi working together
- Research
1. Timely, quickly and decisively to take emergency measures.

2. The principle of the use of public communication , combined
with the actual handling of the crisis.

3. The correct understanding of the crisis , brave and active.

"Pepsi is pleased to announce.... nothing."

1.The great success cooperate with FDA.

2. Consumers have shown their confidence in the Pepsi products .

3. PepsiCo 's crisis response is believed to be an unprecedented success.

"The most important thing was to keep every­one up to date and to show concern. It's a logistical nightmare but they did it, and I think they did it very well.”
~~~ the PR industry

Lynda 02301633 Yamico 02560566
Sethu 00660384 Taylor 02420192

Rough start of Pepsi history
1891 - 1935 :
faced bankruptcy twice

1898 :
becomes known as Pepsi-Cola

1941 :
first signs of success
listed on NYSE
$2M+ profit

1993 :
named one of world's top beverage companies

Thank you

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