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Matt Gross

on 17 December 2012

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The Magnum tractors horse powers range from 234 to 389. Unlike cars that have much lower horse power.

With most tractors the more horse power the more bad emissions. NOT with the Magnum tractors!! With the new technology by Case IH they give you more horse power and less emissions!!!!!

Dew to the new tier 4 restrictions you have to have less emissions. Case has done that without reducing power! IT ALL STARTED IN 1987 The first Magnum Tractors made in 1987 were a large step towards more power and capability. These days the Magnum tractors are making jumps in horsepower, GPS (auto steer) and power shift technology has made Case IH one of the top tractor brands! THE CASE IH MAGNUM TRACTOR The Case IH Magnum addition is celebrating it's 25 year
anniversary!! Today I am going to tell you guys about the wonderful RED tractors! Red tractors are the best!!! I will tell you about the tractors advances in GPS, horsepower, and power shift! GPS AND AUTO STEER POWER SHIFT TECHNOLOGY CONCLUSION Today I gave you this speech because this year is the 25 year anniversary of the Case IH Magnum Tractor. Over these years they have made advances in GPS, HORSE POWER, and POWER SHIFT. Case IH today is still one of the top on the market! 25 years of excellence is what I say!! MAGNUM TRACTOR SERIES GPS and AUTO STEER are two pieces of technology that Case IH has perfected in their Magnum Tractors.
GPS helps a farmer to map out fields and know key areas to plant/not plant, till/no till and so on.
AUTO STEER actually drives the tractor itself. This makes for less mistakes and more efficiency working in the fields. Case IH has made many advances in power shift technology. Some benefits of power shift are just having to push a button to up/down shift. On most older tractors you have to shift with a lever.
Power Shift makes for much easier operating and less problems with your tractor! The more horse power you have the more you can pull, that is why Case IH has come up with these higher horse power engines in their Magnum tractors
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