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sumaiya azeez

on 10 July 2015

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Transcript of hhj

Put a stop sign at a busy street
I think that we need stop signs at busy streets. Kids and adults are injured because there isn't a signal for stopping so they don't look to see who's crossing.
Students can research how many injuries are caused by cars. Speaker that has background with volunteering. Explain if the project happens what the city will do.
To make this class happen I would need to have computers or a device that has internet use, transportation, permission slips.

Take information gained from Tuesday and put it into a letter to the city of why we need stop signs in busy areas/neighborhoods.
Read letters and email to city hall.
Go to common places and petition, put the petition outside busy places.
- Write a essay on what you yourself gained and learned, how you can use this info for yourself and give yourself a grade on how you think you did.
- Present project

Requirements for essay

Essay meets at least 450 words.

Students should show growth from past volunteering opportunities.

Write about how they think they improved on their self.

How they think they communicated and expressed with classmates.

What they would change if they did something similar like this next time.
Goals & objectives
I think that students should learn leadership skills and being able to know that you could do anything no matter the age. The benefit they got from this is that they could save others lives and even their own.
GO city,
Stop Sign!

Information & schedule
- Learn what the class is going to try to do.
- Start off searching about busy roads with no stopping signals and how to make the city aware.
Give them little snacks
- free time
-Suggestions of what they would want to do.
Sumaiya Azeez
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