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Persuasive Techniques

No description

Molly Jackson

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Persuasive Techniques

Loaded Words
Nike uses words that make you feel like you are able to be “great” too. We’re all capable of being “great.” You feel good about using Nike because you will feel great.

Persuasive Techniques
LOOK FOR: Ashton Kutcher is a well known celebrity who appears to really love the camera in this commercial. If Ashton loves the camera, we should love it, too.

Emotional Appeal
This commercial makes you feel guilty because there are suffering children and YOU can do something about it. They are making you want to make a change.

They show how the Sour Patch Kids can be sour THEN sweet, just like how they taste. You remember the commercial because it’s funny and makes you feel good!

Product Comparison
Huggies builds up their product and shows how they have a shape, COMPARED to Pampers Cruisers which doesn’t seem to have any shape.

LOOK FOR:In this commercial EVERYONE in the family is texting except the mom. AT&T is trying to show that she is missing out and needs to text to understand her family.

LOOK FOR: Head On says their message over and over and over again so you never forget.
LOOK FOR: State Farm shows you scary times in people's lives, then shows you how safe you will feel when you have insurance with them and they will "know your name."
LOOK FOR: L'Oreal is trying to make you feel attracted to Gwen Stefani because she is pretty, which should make you attracted to the product.
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