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Salt and Pepper shakers

No description

alejandro larios

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of Salt and Pepper shakers

By: Mr Larios
Antonym Salt and
Pepper Shakers

Pinch pot - a technique where clay is pushed in the center to create a bowl like shape
Step 1
Step 2
Scoring - marks applied to the surface of clay to attach two pieces of clay

Slip - Watered down clay used to attach clay bodies

Antonym - a word opposite of its meaning.

Additive and subtractive - adding or taking away clay from a clay form
Get a ball of clay and begin to create a pinch pot. Push your thumb in the center and then pinch up the walls.
Create an even thickness by rotating the clay as you pinch. Gently pat the bottom of the flat surface to create a flat spot. Repeat
Step 3
Score and slip the two halves together to create an egg like shape. Once you have your shape put together, You may form the clay to whichever shape you like.
Step 4
Students must create a functional salt and pepper shaker

Salt and pepper shaker must have an antonym theme.

Salt and pepper shakers must be fired and glazed with a creative color scheme.
Once you have the general shape of your salt and pepper shaker, create a hole at the bottom of your clay piece. Make a few holes on the opposite side for the salt/pepper to exit. Add or subtract clay to your piece for appeal.
Step 5
Allow clay to dry and fire in kiln. Glaze final pieces with a creative color scheme.
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