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Reading & Technology

No description

Kim Copeland

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Reading & Technology

Below Basic
Green Eggs & Ham
Literacy Levels
Check out the Competition
Technology Age
Now What?
In 2013, from September to December, tablet sales increased from 34% to 42%.
PBSC Students
Growth & Adaptability
Reading & Technology
Reliance & Convenience
"Efficiency" and "immediacy" are weakening our capacity for deep, critical reading.
E-book sales rose 44% in 2012-having skyrocketed 4,660% since 2008.
"Is Google Making us Stupid?"
Concentration and contemplation
There's an App for that
Course Notes
PaperPort Notes
GoodNotes Free
iAnnotate PDF
Readers can perform moderately challenging literary activities.

What level are PBSC's students?
TED Talks
Khan Academy
Phrasal Verb Machine
Reality Bites

A Perfect Blend
"Reading and the Internet: The Link Between Literacy and Technology."
"E-Reading Rises as Device Ownership Jumps."
"Tablets as Powerful Tools for University Research."
"Establishing Twenty-First Century Information Fluency."
"Is Google Making Us Stupid?"
Bring it back!
However, everyone should aspire to be a
proficient reader.

98% of K-12 classrooms have Internet access.
When students conduct academic research, they face serious challenges.
More APP-lication
Put Your Multitasking
To Good Use
Works Cited

Academic research
Jump around - site to site, blog to blog
Media has already adapted to "Headline reading"
We are reading more today than 30-40 years ago, but it is not effective reading.
App Store: Education and Book downloads are two of the top six categories.
Half of American adults now own either a tablet or an e-reader.
By 2020, the primary method of connecting to the Internet will be with a mobile device.
The expectation is for students to be able to switch from over stimulation to comprehending pages of scholarly text.
Institutions and instructors must adapt by using information AND technology.
Remember the basics of reading:
1) Scan text before beginning at the first word.
2) Have questions prior that need to be answered.
3) Read the text thoroughly, taking notes and highlighting.
4) Re-read!
PDF Reader/Adobe Reader
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing our brain.
Keep searches focused.
Use scholarly sources: avoid ".com" and ".net" websites.
Ensure authors are credible.
Bookmark pages, highlight, define words.
Enlarge text.
Take notes.
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