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Psychology Superhero Project

No description

Lindsay Brown

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Psychology Superhero Project

Superheroes ` With the best super power and the most well rounded superhero Captain Thalamus has the power for all senses but one to come through him. The only one that doesn't pass through him is smell. He obtained this great superpower through a power outage while having a PET scan. The radio active glucose altered him forever. With this super ability Captain Thalamus is able to be alert, conscious of all thing around him, and no one will ever be able to sneak up on him. He rocks the Brain t-shit and cape to represent his other fellow teammates of the brain. Thalamus-The brains sensory switchboard, located on top of the brain stem; it directs messages to the sensory receiving area in the cortex and transmits replies to the cerebellum and medulla Due to years of training with ninjas, Super Cerebellum has incredible balance and coordination. His overdeveloped sense of balance allows to fight crime anywhere and on any surface. Super Cerebellum has never been seen without his signature unicycle, cape or mask. His balance is so extreme, he often fights crime while playing his beloved bagpipes. The only weakness of is the evil trio Jack Daniels, Jim Bean, and the diabolical Jose Cuervo. The sinister
three use their powers to force off his unicycle and
draining him of his incredible balance. However, Super Cerebellum usually dodges their attacks by using his unicycle to manuever around the villians. Temporal Lobe Definition- the portion of the cerebral cortex lying roughly above the ears; includes the auditory areas, each of which receives auditory information primarily from the opposite sex Parietal Lobe Definition- the portion of the cerebral cortex lying at the top of the head and toward the rear; receives sensory input for touch and body position Story Occipital Lobe Definition- the portion of the cerebral cortex lying at the back of the head; includes the visual areas, which receive visual information from the opposite visual field Story Hypothalamus- a neural structure lying below the thalamus; it directs several maintenance activities (eating, drinking, body temperature), helps govern the endocrine system via the pituitary gland, and is linked to emotion. Hypothalamus Man My name is Super Speed Woman. I was born with a natural tendency to be able to slow down the perception of time. I have learned how to hone in my skills and speed up frames per second from my ninja master and can react quickly to sudden events which gives me a big advantage when I am dealing with my mortal enemy, The Terrible T! My name is Supersonic. When I was a young boy, I was involved in a car accident and was blinded. Now, thanks to this, my parietal lobe has been strengthened and I can figure out when people are in danger because of a hyper developed body sensation and reaction to touch, pain, cold, pressure, and texture. I can use extremely cold temperatures to freeze out my mortal enemies. I wear a mask over my face so that my enemies won't see my weakness. Hypothalamus Man is a side kick to the great Captain Thalamus. He plays an important role no doubt, but is too dangerous to on his own without the guidance from Captain Thalamus. He is occasionally looses control of his emotion but without him body temperature, eating and drinking wouldn't be right. He gained his superpower in a freak accident in a lightening storm when he was stuck and woke up days later in the hospital. Hypothalamus Man is probably the best side kick there is and is loved just as much as Captain Thalamus, they make an unstoppable team. Hypothalamus man wears a side kick suit similar to his captain to show that they are a team. Jack Daniels Super Cerebellum! Cerebellum: The cerebellum is responsible
for maintaining a persons balance as well as
controlling motor control and is located below
the cerebral cortex. Captain Foresight! Captain Foresight has the incredible power of judgement and decision making. As a result of a radioactive test near his old job as a statistician, mild mannered Ned Jameson developed an abnormal frontal lobe and now has the decision making power of ten men! Wearing only a red cape and a plain t-shirt, he fights crime using his ridiculous knowledge of trends and information about his foes to make descisions and predictions about what the criminals will do. Due to his enormous frontal lobe, enemies often target the front of his head in an attempt to diminish his powers of reasoning and decision making. Frontal Lobe: The frontal lobe is responsible
for recognizing consequences, making descisions
and is associated with long term memory and is located above the temporal lobe in the front of the
brain. The Boisterous Broca! The super villain known as "The Boisterous Broca" was once a well respected psychologist at Princeton University. He was in charge of the language research center and experimented with different ways to increase a person's speech. Unfortunately for Dr. B. Brohan, he accidentally leaned to far forward when testing an experimental ray on mice and got hit on the left side of his head. When he regained consciousness, he found that he had an incredible gift for articulating and manipulating words. After further tests however, he became enraged at the fact that his Broca's area became most of his brain matter. He lost some of his motor control and was terrible at making decisions due to his diminished Parietal and Frontal Lobes. Another side effect of his enlarged Broca's Area was he was more vulnerable to aphasia, or loss of language skills, and had to protect his head at all times. Unable to practice psychology anymore he turned to a life of crime, using his extensive vocabulary and knowledge of language to swindle people out of money and possessions as well as tricking them into helping him with his dastardly deeds. He began wearing a green, black, and red costume and assumed the alias of "The Boisterous Broca." Broca's Area: Broca's area is located in the left
hemisphere of the frontal lobe and is responsible
for speech and word production; damage to this
area can cause aphasia. My name is The Terrible T. I was born with abnormally large ears and have trained myself to be able to hear things miles and miles away. I use this to my advantage when I am robbing banks and can hear police sirens and security guards. My costume consists of a black mask just in case I am caught. Because of my ability, I can use my trusty bicycle as my get away after I am done committing crimes! Dr. Hippocampus Dr. Hippocamous is an evil villain who is able to remember every evil plan he makes with his enlarged Hippocampus. He was conducting an experiment in his lab one day on his own memory and making it more powerful and in doing so he enlarged his hippocampus more than he could ever imagine. He in an unstoppable villain with all the great plans he can remember because of his alteration. With this great power he decided he would make a great villain. He is bald and a blue lab coat. Hippocampus:
a neural center located in the
limbic system that helps process explicit memories for storage Story By: Zack Browne, T.J. Christino, and Lindsay Brown Captain Thalamus
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