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SST Flow of Energy and Matter in the Environment

Describing photosynthesis - modes of nutrition, Word & chemical equation, Factors affecting, Adaptations for reaction.

Aldrin Tee

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of SST Flow of Energy and Matter in the Environment

Flow of Energy and Matter in the Environment Using the Sun as the Primary Source of energy We can show the flow of energy/mass using graphic organisers Pyramid Food Chain We use these terms to describe the
biotic recepients of Energy and Matter.
Trophic Levels
Producer or Consumers
Herbivores/ Omnivore/ Carnivore/ Detritivore Flow Chart Flow Energy Matter Environment From WHERE to WHERE? START END What is flowing? In what FORM? Remember the ABIOTIC and BIOTIC Factors? ENERGY
from the sun is transfered to the PRODUCERS
in the form of LIGHT and HEAT Energy What do the plants do with the
Transfered to the Next trophic level? Nutrition:
Describing how organisms obtain nurishment to sustain life processes -

Nurishment in the form of ENERGY and MATTER Autotrophic Nutrition Heterotrophic Nutrition MATTER
from the habitat is transfered to the PRODUCERS
in the form of CARBON DIOXIDE and WATER Light/Heat Energy + CO2 +H20
is converted into
Chemical Energy in the form of Glucose + Water
By a Metabolic Process called
PHOTOSYNTHESIS Photoautotrophic Mode of Nutrition Autotrophic Heterotrophic Chemoautotrophic Saprotrophic Holozoic Example: Hydrothermal Vents Symbiotic Bacteria in Tubeworms Kingdom Fungi http://www.tutorvista.com/biology/types-of-nutrition Parasitic Ingestion
Egestion a PROCESS where an organism builds up the
organic molecules that it requires from
simple inorganic molecules such as
carbon dioxide and water. a PROCESS whereby an organism uses
organic compounds for most
or all of its carbon requirements. Paragraph Form: Graphic Organisers CLASSIFICATION DEFINITIONS a PROCESS whereby light energy is trapped by chlorophyll and converted into chemical energy which is then utilized to manufacture carbohydrates / glucose from raw materials such as carbon dioxide and water. Oxygen is released as a by-product Photosynthesis What is a PROCESS? INPUTS ---------> OUTPUT Point Form: Word EQUATION: Chemical EQUATION Literal Scientific REACTANTS Carbon Dioxide and Water under CONDITIONS of Light Energy and chlorophyll results in PRODUCTS of glucose and oxygen Photosynthesis Photosynthesis Carbon Dioxide and Water --------------------> glucose and oxygen Chlorophyll Light Energy Photosynthesis REACTANTS ---------------------> PRODUCTS CONDITIONS REACTANTS CONDITIONS PRODUCTS PROCESS What are some of the ADAPTATIONS of
Plants for Photosynthesis? How and who discovered the
process of Photosynthesis? The plant has specialised organs, tissues, cells and molecules for the OPTIMAL
and to
TRANSPORT reactants to the site of photosynthesis,
STORE and TRANSPORT products in other parts of the Plant ADPATATIONS How do know the factors required for photosynthesis? By conducting Experiments EXPERIMENT 1
Hypothesis: Light is required for Photosynthesis
Independent Variable: Leaf is exposed to light or blocked by black paper
Dependent Variable: Presence of starch
Control Variables: Leaf(chlorophyll, Water and CO2, light intensity) Define the following terms. Can you identify them in the following experiements?
HYPOTHESIS INDEPENDENT VARIABLE DEPENDENT VARIABLE CONTROL VARIABLE in these experiments? What is the Purpose of Potassium Hydroxide and Soda Lime? What is the Purpose of Sodium hydrogen carbonate solution? EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN EXPERIMENT 2
Hypothesis: CO2 is required for Photosynthesis
Independent Variable: Plant exposed to CO2
Dependent Variable: Presence of starch
Control Variables: Leaf(chlorophyll, Water and light intensity) Misc Ideas on Photosynthesis Transport of Water Transport of Mineral Salts Transport of Organic Food substances PROCESS: Transport How are substances transported in the plant? Pyramid of Biomass Pyramid of Numbers Pyramid of Energy COMPARE AND CONTRAST
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