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My Constellation


Julia O'Connell

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of My Constellation

Delphinus The Dolphin Star Table
Star Magnitude Type Light-Years
Rotanev 4 F5IV 97
Sualocin 3.9 B9IV 240
Gamma Del 3.22 K1IV 104
Delta Delphini 4.3 A7III 203 Delphinus is visible in the late summer
in the Northern Hemisphere There are two stories associated with this constellation. One is about Arion, a Greek poet. He often sang to people of other lands. His crew was jealous of his wealth and good fortune, so on their way home, they threatened to kill Arion. He was granted one wish, and Arion wished to sing a dirge. As he sang, he jumped into the sea. He was rescued by a dolphin, who carried him home to Greece, then jumped into the sky, where he stayed ever since. Pegasus Aquila Sagitta The stars Rotanev and Sualocin are named after Nicolaus Venator, a great astronomer. The stars are just his name spelled backwards. Another story about Delphinus is how he helped Poseidon. Poseidon wished to wed the mermaid Amphitrite, but she wanted to protect her virginity, so she ran away. Poseidon had a search party go look for her, including Delphinus the dolphin. He was the one who found her, and he convinced her to come back and wed Poseidon. She agreed, and Poseidon put Delphinus in the sky as a place of honor.
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