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Welcome to HADC

Housing Choice Voucher Briefing (Transfer Vouchers)


on 17 October 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to HADC

Welcome to
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1. Briefing Packet
2. Sign Voucher
3. Move Process
4. Continued Success
5. Questions

Family Self
Roles and Relationships
Move Overview
Be a Good Neighbor

Housing Assistance Payment Contract (HAP Contract)
Tenancy Addendum
Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA)
By signing, you agree to abide by the
Family Obligations.

Expires 120 days from today.
You can utilize your Voucher anywhere in the United States that has a Housing Authority.
Entire process can take
6-8 weeks
to complete.
Contact the receiving Housing Authority to learn about their local policies and processes.
Bedroom Size
2 per bedroom regardless of age or sex.
Head of Household/Spouse will be assigned own bedroom.
Can rent a larger bedroom size if the unit is affordable and reasonable.
40% Rule
Families cannot pay more than 40% of their monthly adjusted income toward their expenses.
= Rent Burden
Rent Calculation (example)
Finding A Unit
Advantages of living in quality neighborhoods:
Better schools
Access to services and jobs
Better housing quality
You can take your Voucher anywhere, make sure it's a home and neighborhood you can be happy in!
Use your Good Place to Live Booklet to do a
pre-inspection of the unit!
Common fail items include:
Utilities not on
Inoperable heat supply
Missing or insufficient weather-stripping
Loose or torn carpet
Cracked or peeling paint on walls

Cracked or broken windowpanes
Evidence of roof or pipe leaks
Dirty stoves and ovens
Insufficient bath ventilation
Working With Landlords
If you feel you have been a victim of housing
discrimination, take action!
HADC will provide limited information
to landlords,
if requested.

HADC does not assist with Security Deposits or App Fees.

Comply with the
Family Obligations
Report Changes
Be aware of community and landlord expectations.
Be respectful of other's property and maintain your own property and unit.
Be familiar with
the Family Obligations.
Fraud carries serious consequences.
Participants can be required to repay overpaid assistance.
Report all changes within 10 days in writing.
Report all changes immediately
in writing.
Visitors can be present in the household up to 30 consecutive days or 90 days total within a calendar year.
You are responsible for providing documentation of income up front.

If issued a Proposed Termination, you have 14 days to request an Informal Hearing.
VAWA (Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act)
- Offers protection for anyone (regardless of gender) who is a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

Contact your Specialist for case-specific questions.
Remember to refer to your Briefing Packet for all information we covered today.
Extending Your
Can only be extended for 30 days .
(new move-out date must be the last day of the month).
Payments at new unit cannot begin until the month following your move-out date.
Ex: submit RTA on 25th, HADC denies unit on 29th: Tolling gives 4 additional days to find a new unit.
Clock stops when you
submit an RTA.
Get the resources and support you need to reach your goals!

Sufficiency Program
Move-out Date
If you have any special needs or have
family members with special needs, you
may request a reasonable accommodation
in order to have equal access to the
programs and services of the Housing
Choice Voucher Program. At the
conclusion of the Briefing,
please let our staff know if
you need special assistance.

Frequently Asked
1. When can I move into my new unit?
1. Can I lease a larger unit than I have
been approved for?
1. What form do I use to request an
1. When will I be notified of the amount
of rent I will be responsible for?
1. I want to transfer my Voucher to
another Housing Authority, what do I do?
- After the inspection passes.
- After the move-out date at your
previous unit passes.
- Normally the 1st day of the
following month.
- Yes, if the rent does not exceed the
amount listed on your Tenant Rent
- Voucher extension request form.
- Move-out Date extension
Request Form.
Can only receive 1 extension.
Use same form to cancel your move.
Must meet criteria.
Can only receive 1 extension.
- After the Housing Assistance Payment
Contract is signed, you will be notified
by letter.
- Complete a Portability Request Form.
- Allow 5 days for HADC to transfer your
- Attend a Briefing at the Receiving Housing
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