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X marks the spot!


Hayley Jones

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of X marks the spot!

X marks the spot! Friend-ship 'The Last Supper- Leonardo daVinci 50% of all young people do not
regularly sit down to eat with their families.
Do you think it is important to sit down with your family for meals? why? why not?

WHy do you think Jesus' Disciples were
offended when Jesus told them one of them
would betray him? Jesus got together with His friends for Passover- a Jewish festival.
What special occasions do you celebrate with your friends and family? Duty Pier! After the meal Jesus walked in
Garden of Gethseman and asked his
disciples to keep look-out for him.
When Jesus returned, he found that
all of his disciples had fallen asleep!
This happened 3 times!!! Have any of your friends ever let you down?
Have you ever let any of your friends down? How did this make you feel? Betrayal Rocks Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss.

"The man i kiss is the one you want" "Yet each man kills the thing he loves,
by each let this be heard...
The coward does it with a kiss
The brave man with a sword."
Oscar Wilde Can non-violence ever work?

Jesus' disciples wanted to fight with the soldiers and one even cut someone's ear off! But Jesus told them not to and went with the soldiers calmly.

After Jesus was arrested Judas tried to give back the bag of silver he was given in return for betraying Jesus when they refused to take it back he then killed himself. Courage Cave When Jesus had to go before a Judge, he was asked a trick question:

"Are you the Messiah?"

Knowing he would be punished he answered:

"YES!" Have you ever stuck up for something you believe in?
Have you ever pretended to not think something to fit in?

Jesus stood up for what He believed in, even though He knew it would make Him unpopular.

His friend Peter was noticed by someone in the crowd who recognised him. Peter was scared and didn't want to get into trouble so he denied knowing Jesus at all.
He did this 3 times. Injustice Island Jesus faced the Roman Govenor -Pilate for sentencing.
Pilate was interested in pleasing the crowd so he asked them what to do with Jesus...?

The crowd replied... "Crucify him!" Pilate knew that Jesus' crime was not that bad but because he wanted to stay popular with the people he agreed to crucify Jesus but he 'washed his hands of it'. Humiliation Hunt Humiliation is a form of bullying.
have you ever been bullied? made fun of?
how did it make you feel?
The Romans beat Jesus and made him wear a crown of thorns to make fun of him.
He also had to carry His own cross while people spat at him, threw things and called him horrible names. Do you think you would stick up for someone who was being humiliated or bullied?
Even if there was a big crowd around you saying not to? Endurance X When Jesus was crucified most of the people were cheering.
But his mother and some of his friends were in the crowd just watching. "I couldn't do a thing"
"I was just powerless"
Think about a time when you have been helpless... How do you think Mary felt? having to watch her son be treated this way? Forest of Despair 3 Hours later Jesus died.
Many people expected him to jump off the cross like he had superpowers.
how do you think his friends and followers felt when this didn't happen? In your notes, include how think Jesus' followers must have felt watching or hearing about His death. Hope Town After the death of Jesus many of his followers believe that he was resurrected. (Raised from the dead)
There are stories in the Bible that even tell of times when Jesus sat down and ate with his followers after his death!

This is a CENTRAL belief for Christians. Why do you think it is important for Christians to believe and teach that Jesus was resurrected and that good and love triumphed over evil?
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