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ESL Learning Team #1 WIDA

No description

Allison Balter

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of ESL Learning Team #1 WIDA

Ice Breaker Recap: What is WIDA? Writing MPIs: Making WIDA Comprehensible
for Content Teachers Using the pink post-it note, list 3 adjectives to complete the sentence starter:

Teaching ESL is ______________.

Then share in groups of 3-4.

Be creative!

Share out. Activating Background Knowledge "Most Powerful Instructional tool" Action Planning Moving FORWARD with WIDA Yes WIDA Can! ESL Learning Team #1 November 5, 2012 Lindsey Mayer
Allison Balter Do Now: Take 5 min. to complete the Google form in your email. What do you remember about WIDA? I remember ___. Activity #1: Using your student roster, locate your students along the CAN DO descriptor levels.
Focus on SPEAKING. Activity #2: Review classroom activities handout. Use Performance Definitions to determine independent level.
Brainstorm scaffolds. MPIs
Language Objectives Why Language Objectives? Helps think about what language is embedded in a given content objective Helps teachers think strategically about how to push students' language one level further Helps teachers isolate and determine how to model academic language essential to their content area Content
Standard Key Vocabulary Bloom's
Level Content
Objective Do I have to write MPIs for every level, in every lesson? Activity #3: GP:

Build an MPI! Activity #4: IP:
Write an MPI for
a relevant content
standard and grade
span. www.wida.us/standards/ELP_StandardLookup.aspx "It's OK. I'm here to support you." Deliverable: MPI for your grade span and content area

Completed action plan template Email to:
Allison allison.e.balter@gmail.com
Lindsey ljanemayer@gmail.com
YOUR MTLD By EOD Monday, 11/12 CMWBAT write MPIs from the WIDA standards for a given grade-span and content area and use these as language objectives for a unit / lesson. CMWBAT develop an action plan for introducing content teachers to WIDA and collaborating with them to support ELLs.
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