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listening and making short responses

No description

Diego Ortega

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of listening and making short responses

listening and making short responses
(task and exercises)

-Kind a map,but a single sketch
-Correspondingly varied listening can be based on it
-It is very easy to trace and reproduce without neccesitating expensive photocophing
The studens are given copies of the plan. They are also given a written list of the animals in the zoo. -the teacher should of course make sure they know what they all are, and what a "cage" is- and told to write thm in appropiate spaces acording to information given in the dialog
-simple rectangle marked off into squares and used to display data as illustrated
-The possibilities here are far wider than those or maps or plans
-Describe many aspects of life, both concrete and abstract
deal with DATA.
"here are two people meeting after not having seen each other for some time" exchanging news about each other and about a mutual acquaintance

Two speakers

Family trees
-Diagram in comminicative English teaching
-However , family-tree diagram is rather more difficult to asimilate at a glance than maps or grids
Note: useful for listening and speaking/ elementary classes
-Very sililar excercises to those exemplifed above can be built round graphs
-let students fill in the details missing from their copy
listening and making longer responses
-it is not a excercise ; its a checking

MEANS PURPOSE WHICH has the function of these responses was primarily to indicate comprehension
The learner uses relatively long units of language (written, read or spoken) in his responses, and he has to be able not only to undestand what he heards, but also to reproduce, answer, expand or summarize it as required
Finally we have two moments of it.

First_ Reproduction

Second_ Holistic approach

NOTE: there are three types of REPRODUCTION

Such Alterations "Changes" can be made in maps the same way as they can be made in pictures.
Listening to the head of the Island Council describing his achievements and mark in the "improvements"

NOTE: In preparating names or alterations, the changes can either be marked in on the teachers´s copy or, as here, note down as list


ALTERATIONS (as a result of war/pestilence/emigration)
west farm_gone
park fence_gone
To indicate where the animals are and what cage is about?

Guard of the Zoo
level_ Youngers learners
A variation of this zoo exercis
e: Another dialog will change the map and the organization of the animals (advanced level)

A further variation
is based on the plan as a
shopping centre
: the same sketch can be used to show the layount of many other kinds of complex______ a school, a museum, a nursing home, offices.


-Its a very specialized kind of diagram, not necessarily for most classes
Here are some further ideas for graphic material: price list, bills, roads sings, passports visas, television or radio schedule, book list, sociograms, flow charts, menus etc.
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