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Copy of Murder Mystery:

No description

Kristin Carlson

on 29 August 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Murder Mystery:

Murder Mystery:
The Case of Mr. Crane

Based on your first four clues...

MAKE AN INFERENCE! At this point,
what do you think happened to Mr. Crane?

Text Evidence (Clues)
Background Info.
Briefcase after being taken into evidence.
Cleaning products found in home of Mr. Crane.
Mr. and Mrs. Crane were in the process of getting a divorce.
What happened to Mr. Crane?
As bright young students great at INFERENCING, the police have asked for your help in figuring WHO, HOW, and WHY someone would murder Mr. Crane!

Use the clues to make your inferences and help the police crack the case!

Mr. Crane, inventor.
13. After being questioned, Mr. Bell confessed that he was the guest in Mr. Crane's room on Tuesday night.

14. Mr. Bell stated that Mr. Crane called him to apologize for the argumnt and wanted to make amends over a meal. The two were best friends for 18 years.

15. Police found traces of hydro-cola on Mr. Crane's salmon that was left over on the room service cart.

16. Hydro-cola is the main ingredient in Crane, Bell, and Shout's new product, "Clean in a Jiffy."
Now that you have more clues...
Make an inference! What do you think happened to Mr. Crane based on the clues?
Clues 5-8
5. When police notified Mrs. Crane of Mr. Crane's death, she laughed and stated, "More for me!"

6. The Cranes were in the process of getting a divorce.

7. Mr. Crane was an inventor at Crane, Bell, and Shout. It was a top company for green cleaning products.

8. On the night of the conference, the company had just announced their new product which would make billions of dollars.
Clues 1-4
1. On Tuesday night, during the conference, Mr. Bell and Mr. Crane had a huge argument.

2. Ms. Shout overheard the argument and thought Mr. Crane was being greedy and selfish.

3. On Wednesday morning, Mr. Crane's body was found next to an open, empty briefcase.

4. Police arrived and took a statement from the maid who found the body.
Clues 9-16
9. During the Day, on Wednesday, police questioned hotel staff and conference members.
10. After watching the security's video feed, they determined that Mr. Crane died between 1:00 AM and 9:00 AM, when the maid entered the room.
11. At 10:30 PM, Mr. Crane had room srvice delievered to the room for two people.
12. At 12:58 AM, Mr. Crane placed the room service cart in the hallway and his guest left the room.
The Crime, Motive, and Method
Open your final envelope to figure out what ACTUALLY happened on the night Mr. Crane was murdered...

Were you correct?
17. Police spoke with Anthony, from room service, and discovered that he had worked with Crane, Bell, and Shout before being fired.

18. Ms. Shout saw both Anthony and Mr. Bell before they entered Mr. Crane's room at two different times.

19. Mr. Bell ordered a hamburger from room service as it was
known by everyone that he was allergic to seafood.

20. Ms. Shout called Mrs. Crane to make sure she was okay, they had been best friends since college.
21. After further questioning, Anthony stated that although he was assigned to deliver the food to Mr. Crane's room, but he never did.

22. Mr. Bell confessed that he and Mr. Crane were arguing over their new product. It wasn't a "green product" and used chemicals that Mr. Crane didn't like.

23. Missing from Mr. Crane's briefcase, was the contract that all three partners had previously signed to sell "Clean in a Jiffy!"

24. Mr. Bell was highly upset when he found out about Mr. Crane's death.
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