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C.10 section 3

Abraham Lincoln's path to the white house

abby soffe

on 5 March 2010

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Transcript of C.10 section 3

Abraham Lincoln Upbringing born in 1809
one-room cabin in Louisville, Kentucky
like most white southerners they held no slaves
"I am naturally against slavery" "I cannot remember when I did not so think and feel" Lincoln's early politics As a young man,
he moved to New Salem
which was outside of
Springfield, Illinois
He ran for state legislature and lost
2 years later he ran and won!
Married Mary Todd and quit politics to focus on his law practice Lincoln in Congress 1846 Lincoln returned to politics and ran for Congress and won
proposed the idea of compensated emancipation What is compensated emancipation?
It is when you pay slaveholders to release their slaves.

This proposal got little support.

Lincoln and Douglas clash 1858- Lincoln decided to oppose Stephen A. Douglas' bid to the US Senate for Illinois
"A house divided"
In his speech Lincoln was expressing his views that the "government could not endure permanently half slave and half free"
Lincoln and Douglas debated 7 times from Aug. to mid-Oct.
Douglas was for popular soverengity and Lincoln an abolitionist
Douglas was loud and Lincoln mild and humours

The Freeport Doctrine What is it?

In Freeport, Illinois Lincoln said that Douglas could not use popular sovereignty b/c Dred Scott said they could not keep slavery out. The debate's significance Who won?? It was difficult to decide who won.

In the fall election Illinois' state legislature elected Douglas

Lincoln had made himself a national figure due to the debates

Lincoln and Douglas had brought their issues to the people and showed them that it would tear the nation apart The Election of 1860 The 1860 Campaign
2 campaigns were going on:
North: Lincoln v Douglas
South: Breckinridge and Bell

Outcome of the election The vote was among sectional lines

Lincoln won nearly every Northern vote

In the South Breckenridge and Bell split the votes

Lincoln was elected with only 40% of the popular vote and only 26,000 votes came from the South.

Trouble was coming for the union!
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