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Artificial Life

No description

Jennifer Li

on 17 October 2015

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Transcript of Artificial Life

Artificial life is a field of study and an associated art form which examine systems related to life, its processes, and its evolution, through the use of simulations with computer models, robotics, and biochemistry.

What is "Artificial Life"
Artificial Life

In a biological first, an international team has inserted a man-made chromosome into brewer's yeast, producing a life form that thrives and successfully passes the designer genes on to its offspring.
The "synthetic" biology advance opens the door wider to man-made microbes that may someday be designed to manufacture better fuels, food, and medicines.
What Happened Recently
Artificial life studies the logic of living systems in artificial environments in order to gain a deeper understanding of the complex information processing that defines such systems.
Artificial life hold major benefits for humanity
Synthetic biology can help fight climate change and pollution
Artificial life can be tailored for specific needs
Pros and Cons of the Issue
Canadian Law,Church Law and critical points on Artificial Life
Since its premiere in the fall of 1993, Artificial life has become the unifying forum for the exchange of scientific information on the study.
Critical Points in the Past
Lawyers have not been thinking about robots as long as cartoonists, science fiction writers (Isaac Asimov’s Robot series being perhaps the best known) or engineers (Geoff Simons, Are Computers Alive? Evolution and New Forms of Life 1983 – but see P. Sw irski, “A case of wishful thinking”).
The procedures “repeatedly manipulate” the bodies of both mother and child, with “harmful” artificial hormonal stimulation, that leads to both becoming objectified as a “product.” They also warn of the genetic problems that have been commonly shown to be associated with artificial means of procreation.
Church Law on Artificial Life
"Artificial Life" Breakthrough
A team leads by Dr. Venter
Dr Venter created the lifeform by synthesising a DNA code and injecting it into a single bacteria cell. The cell containing the man-made DNA then grew and divided, creating a hitherto unseen lifeform.

Synthetic life driven by profits more than benefits to humanity. "Synthetic biology is a high-risk, profit-driven field, building organisms out of parts that are still poorly understood."
Humans engineered organisms for centuries; synthetic life adds little.
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The Creation of an Artificial Life
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