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Using Fade-in Animations

A quick prezi that teaches you how to use fade-in animations in your next presentation.

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Using Fade-in Animations

Prezi fade-in animations are the
best way to reveal your text or images
during your presentation...
To add a fade-in...
Using Fade-in Animations
... And can make a huge impact on your audience.
See, that right there
was a fade-in effect
(and so was this text).
First you need content in your frame:
Like a bullet point
Now that your content is ready,
it's time to add your fade-in.
Click on "Edit Path"
Next click on the star symbol to the left of the frame you want to animate.
Once the animation wizard appears, click on the text or image that you want to fade-in.
Remember that bullet point?
This green star and number now correspond to the order in which your element will fade-in.
You can then press the play button to see your animation in action
Or hit reset to start over.
Select multiple elements and use the group function (the lock icon) with fade-in animations
to make more than one element appear at a time
Contact successteam@prezi.com with questions
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