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Dom Fowler

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By, Marilyn Cay Summary Theme Personal reactions This poem is about the struggle between a father and son. A father who struggles with the realization that his son is growing up, while the son constantly finds himself dealing with ways to prove that he is growing up. In this poem the father accepts the realization that his son is grown up by the sons strength. The strength of the son symbolizes how he is no longer a young boy. The themes of this poem are pride and struggle. The theme of struggle is shown through out the poem. The son, wanting to be viewed as a man rather than a child, is struggling against his father because he is trying to prove to him that he has grown. Pride, the title of the poem, is also shown through the text, although most concentrated near the end. Once the son had beat the father, there was a sense of pride coming from the son because he finally became strong enough to overcome his fathers strength. Strength, in this poem, symbolizes the growth of the boy. Didn't feel a big sense of pride
The title can be misleading
The relationship between the father and son is very vague
There are many different perspectives of the poem.
The poem doesn't express any strong feelings
The arm wrestle was exaggerated.
Normally an arm wrestle is just a meaningless game that people play, but in this case it is a way for the son to prove to his father that he is grown. Significance Pride Mood There is no clear mood to this poem. Although there are many moods that can be considered insignificant because they don't apply to the poem as a whole. Such as:
Pride - Briefly mentioned at the end of the poem, not relevant from beginning to end. Pride plays a roll when the son won the arm wrestle, we felt a sense of pride towards the son because he not only won, but it was his own way of proving to his father that he is growing up.
Sympathy - Can be related to the father and the son. The father because he does not easy accept his son growing up. Sympathy for the son because he has to prove to his father that he isn't a boy. We found that the significance of this poem is the struggle that parents go through when having to face their children growing. The father in this poem seemed to be adamant against the idea of his son growing into a man. Maybe the father isn't prepared? Parents are never fully prepared for their children growing up, because they will always see them as their little girl or boy. The father in this poem is struggling with that idea.
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