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Andreu Mascaró Sancho

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of PUNK

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN SEX PISTOLS A LITTLE BIT OF THEIR BIOGRAPHY The Sex Pistols were a punk band formed in London, in 1975. They initiated the punk movement in the UK, and they inspired a lot of punk musics in the future. They only lasted 2 years, and produced one CD, called "Never Mind The Bollocks". They also produced four singles. One of them is their most famous song, "God Save The Queen". In that song, they attack the british and monarchic society. The group broke up in 1978, after a turbulent tour in the United States. 1975 1977 1976 1978 The Sex Pistols formed. The first studio album, "Never Mind The Bollocks", is recorded. Sid VIcious joins the group. Their most famous single, God Save The Queen. First concert of the Sex Pistols. The group is disolved. MEMBERS OF THE GROUP JOHNNY ROTTEN Johnny Rotten (John Lydon), born on 31 January 1956, in London. He was the singer and letter-writer of the Sex Pistols. He's a punk idol. His parents were from Ireland, and they lived in a poor house, in London. STEVE JONES Stephen Philip "Steve" Jones, born 3rd of September 1955 in London. He was the guitarist of the Sex Pistols. He was the only son in a poor family. His father left the family when he was only two years old. PAUL COOK Paul Thomas Cook, born 20th of July 1956, in London, was the drummer of the Sex Pistols. He was born in Hammersmith, in London. He was a reserved and quiet boy. SID VICIOUS THE CLASH LONDON CALLING BIOGRAPHY OF THE BAND The Clash were a punk band formed in London, in 1976.
This group was one of the most important bands of the first punk wave in the UK. One of their main characteristics was the incorporation of elements from reggae, ska, and others. Other characteristics were their lyrics. Their first album was called "The Clash", released in 1977. Their most famous album, "London Calling", was released in 1980. The band began to disintegrate in 1982 and broke up in 1986. 1976 1986 The band is formed in London Their most popular album, London Calling, is released 1980 The band is disolved. First concert of The Clash 1982 The last album of the original formation of The Clash, "Combat Rock" MEMBERS OF "THE CLASH" JOE STRUMMER MICK JONES PAUL SIMONON TOPPER HEADON Joe Strummer (John Graham Mellor) was born on 21st August of 1952 in Turkey, and died on 22nd December of 2002 in UK. He was the singer, song-writer and rhythmic guitarist of the british punk band "The Clash". His father was a british diplomatic, and his family was always travelling. He died at the age of 50 years in his house, as victim of a heart defect. Mick Jones (Michael Jeoffrey Jones) was born on 26th of June 1955 and he was the guitarist and the second voice in the band "The Clash". When he was young, he lived with his grandmother in Wales. Paul Simonon (Paul Gustave Simonon) was born on 15th of December 1955 in Brixton, London. He was the bassist of the band "The Clash". He's the only member of the band who remained from the beginning to the end of the band. Topper Headon (Nicholas Bowen Headon), born on 30th of May 1955 in Kent, was the drummer of the british band "The Clash". He started playing the drums at 11 years, and he was a jazz fan, very influenced by Billy Cobham. LA POLLA RECORDS NO SOMOS NADA HISTORY OF THE BAND La Polla Records were a spanish punk band formed in Álava (Spain), in 1979. The members of the band were Evaristo (singer), Abel (bassist), Txarly (guitarist), Sumé (guitarist) and Fernando (drummer). Their first concerts took place in little pubs and garages. In 1984 they released their first album called "Salve". The lyrics of their songs criticize fascism, capitalism, catolycism, politics and fashion. 1979 2003 1983 1990 The band is formed in Salvatierra (Álava) Their first album, "Salve" A very famous album, "Ellos dicen mierda" Fernando, the drummer, dies. The band is disolved. ADRIAN PEREZ ANDREU MASCARÓ TOMEU ESTEVA The punk culture is a subculture created around the ideals and the clothes of the punk music. This music was very simple and its songs were very short. The ideals are the individualism and chaotics, speaking about the anarchy, the pessimist idea of "There's no future", and a very critic vision of the world. The punk speaks about the anticapitalism, antimilitarism, antifascism, and, in some territories like Euskadi, about the independency. PUNK MUSIC Punk music starts in the 70's in the UK, as a variation of rock music. From this first style, we can appreciate different sub-styles of punk music. HARDCORE PUNK This style was more agressive and faster than the "Standard punk". Some Hardcore Punk bands are the "Dead Kennedys", "The Exploited" and "Black Flags". SKA-PUNK This style was the punk combined with ska, including rapid rhythms and instruments like trombones or trumpets. Bands of ska-punk are Operation Ivy, Rancid, Kortatu and Ska-P. CELTIC PUNK This style is the combination of the punk and the traditional celtic music. This style includes instruments like the irish flutes, accordion and banjo. Bands who play celtic punk are The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly. OI! Also called Street punk, it's the "skin punk", a style that's very radical and critic with the governments and the society. Street punk bands are Cockney Rejects, Orreaga 778 and Sham 69.
(Annotation: Skinheads are not all fascists, some of they are anti-fascists.) Sid Vicious (Simon John Ritchie) was born on 10th of May 1957, in London, and he died on 2nd of February 1979, in New York. He was the bassist of the Sex Pistols. He's a punk idol, and a very famous image of this music. When he was young, he and his mother (his father left the family when Sid was a baby) went to live to Ibiza, and Sid lived from the money raised in the sale of drugs at concerts. When he was 16 years old, he returned to England. He became a fan of a group called "Sex Pistols", and years later, he joined them. He died on a party, as a victim of a drug overdose.
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