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Aztec and Spanish Influences on Modern Day Mexico

Humanities Final Project 8

Kyla Langley

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Aztec and Spanish Influences on Modern Day Mexico

Spanish and Aztec Influences
on Modern Day Mexico The Spanish The Spanish contributed, after
having conquered the Aztecs:
The Spanish Language
Animals such as horses, cattle,sheep, and donkeys.
Weaponary such as muskets and cannons.
Different food like bread and cheese.
Mustaches because it
was a whole new religion to the Aztecs - they went from polytheism to monotheism. Because before the people of
Spain came over, the Aztecs spoke
Nahautl. The Aztecs
had no experience with these animals. The Spanish used them to lesser their effort in work, and also for food. The Aztecs didn't. Aztec Weapons:

- War Club
- Wooden Spear
- Atlatl (spear thrower) Spanish Weapons:

- Sword
- Crossbow
- Various Guns The Aztec diet consisted of
fruits, vegetables, maize
(like corn), spices, and bird. The Aztecs 1. Their culture still remains an important part of Mexico today. In fact, Mexico City (20,000,000 inhabitants) is located in the Mexico Valley because of Tenochtitlan.

2 . Even though the Spanish took over, some of the Aztec traditions such as The Day of the Dead continued to be a big part of their religion.

3. Language, although dominated by the Spanish, still uses some Aztec words.

4. Tourist attractions are a very strong selling point for people travelling to Mexico, and the biggest attraction is the Aztec empire/temples that still remain standing today.

5. Food such as chocolate and tortillas were contributed by the Aztecs because the people of Spain had no idea such food existed. The End :)
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