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Cupcake Genius

No description

megan huff

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Cupcake Genius

Decided to present four different cupcakes with different designs to represent that we meet the customer's criteria.
The first cupcake is a Celebration cupcake.
The second cupcake represents a girly cupcake.
The third cupcake is a theme-style cupcake .
The final cupcake is a simple cupcake design.
Apron Design
Found apron at http://www.qacps.k12.md.us
Added the logo to make it pop and add some color.
News Clipping
Business Card
Used Tilt template in Adobe Illistrator
Changed top and bottom triangles from hot pink to our logo pink
Changed left and right triangles from navy to logo blue
Replaced Microsoft in the top left corner to business hours
Deleted w7clab3 and Title in the top center
Replaced the pyramid and Organization at the bottom left with the logo
Gift Certificate
The logo
The original is from a coloring book site for children
Copied the design in Adobe Illustrator
Live traced
Customized anchor points
Free drew the heart shaped cherry
decided pink and blue for logo colors
Liked the big C & G for the main appearance
Added sprinkles and Where customers design and create masterpieces to the cupcake for a better look and meaning
Cupcake Genius
Used Sun Rays template in Publisher
Changed color to logo blue
Font is Times New Roman
Added logo to center
Put address
Deleted rectangular areas
Used the Tilt template banner
Changed and positioned small triangles into the top left and bottom right
Added logo
Added designs available to customers
Put address
Included our business number, e-mail, mailing address, and business hours
Changed logo to grayscale.
Created coupon for customer's first purchase
By: Challis Peacock
Used Tilt Gift Certificate template
Changed all colors
Font is Times New Roman
Deleted Organization and put Logo
Replaced Microsoft and Address to our location and phone number
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