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Meet Your Mentor - JPO/UNDP

Mentoring, its origins and an introduction of UNDPs new approach to connect mentees and mentors beyond the virtual platform.

Kai Stabell

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Meet Your Mentor - JPO/UNDP

>Securing Mentors' participation, both Real and Virtual
>Ensuring an early start and access to The Delegates Lounge to occupy and organize necessary space
>Preparing all logistics, ranging from signs, rules and the likes to testing ability to effectively use video chat
>Thinking of a 'Plan C' other than the existing 'Plan B' i.e. utilizing seating areas located in hallway should Delegates Lounge not work
>Prepare awareness raising materials for online distribution
>Make signed-up Mentors' profiles available on existing JPO TeamWorks site
>Produce and share short preparatory requirements for Mentees and Mentors
>Create an online dispository for related text, image, audio and video
>Make the latter available for evaluations, improvements and further awareness raising
Tasks 2013 'Meet Your Mentor'
'It is our responsibility to ensure all colleagues understands what is expected of them as they sign the Charter and begin working for this exciting organization'

- Secretary General
Dag Hammarskjold ('61)
Around year 1250 BC the legendary Greek king of Ithaca fought in the Trojan War ...
... after ten years, the war was won in part thanks to a wooden horse, but ...

Education and care for his son, Telemachus, was not neglected despite this odyssey. As a concerned parent he had made sure council and guidance would be provided by a trusted friend, Mentor. The rest is history, and today a mentor is ...
... unlike Achilles (Brad Pitt) - the king survived, won the war and continued on an epic odyssey (see map).
mentor men·tor
noun \men-tr, -tr\
Definition of MENTOR
capitalized : a friend of Odysseus entrusted with the education of Odysseus' son Telemachus
a : a trusted counselor or guide
b : tutor, coach
— men·tor·ship noun
Despite the many strengths of our current platform, it is still relatively hard to initiate and establish mentoring relationships virtually, ...
... and in recognition of what we know to be true across cultures; human interactions - even just for a blink of an eye - are key if we are to transcend the virtual introductions on our current platform and ensure real connections in the long run.
'Meet Your Mentor'
-is a unique opportunity for JPOs at UNDP to engage with potential mentors in person before committing.
Therefore 'Meet Your Mentor' is organized much like 'speed dating' - with the mentors seated, giving JPOs an opportunity to meet as many as s/he desires in person.

Location, Delegates Lounge UN Secretariat ...
Mentoring and ensuring a continued education
of colleagues is not new to the United Nations
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