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Foreshadowing & Queen Mab Speech Analysis

No description

Alisha Adams

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Foreshadowing & Queen Mab Speech Analysis

Foreshadowing & Queen Mab Speech Analysis
Mustang Minute
September 26, 2013
Grab your items needed:
Romeo & Juliet Book
Writing utensil
Learning Targets (remove them carefully from your English Folder)
Clear your desk of EVERYTHING else.
Introduction to Foreshadowing
Take notes at the top of the worksheet.
Let's Review
Definition: the act of placing hints in a story that are intended to shed light on future events.

4 Types of Foreshadowing
1. Music:
2. Facial Expressions:
3. Action Sequences:
4. Dialogue:
Watch Clip #1
• Since Romeo is surrounded by his friend how does peer pressure foreshadow what happens next in the play?
• Does what happens next in the play have to do with choice or was it fate/destiny like the characters claim?
• How and why would dreams be idle (of no real worth, importance, or significance)?
• Are Romeo’s ideas about fate/destiny realistic? Are they just an excuse for bad behavior?
Let's Discuss Dreams (Lines 50-End)
How are dreams "idle thoughts" - children of an idle brain?
What really controls our lives, fate/destiny or personal choices?
What does Romeo believe?

Clip #1 - Queen Mab Speech
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