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Common Household Compounds

No description

Ashley Keller

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Common Household Compounds

Compound name: Dihydrogen monoxide

Compound formula: H20

Water is not an ionic or molecular compound.
Compound name: Sodium hypochlorite

Compound formula: NaCiO

It is an ionic compound because it has metal and non-metal compound.
Hydrogen Peroxide
Compound name: Dihydrogen dioxide

Compound formula: (HO)2

It is a molecular compound
Table Sugar
Compound name: Sucrose

Compound formula: C12H22O11

Sugar is a molecular compound
Compound name: Acetic Acid

Compound formula: CH3COOH

It's an ionic compound.
Compound name: Sodium Chloride

Compound formula: NaCl

It is an ionic compound.
Baking Soda
Compound name: Sodium bicarbonate

Compound formula: NaHCO3

It is an ionic compound.
Rubbing Alcohol
Compound name: Isopropyl

Compound formula: C3H8O

It is a molecular compound.
Battery Acid
Compound Name: Sulfuric acid

Compound formula: H2SO4

It's an ionic compound

Common Household Compounds
Eric Vanegas and Ashley Keller
Compound name: Nitrogen trihydride

Compound formula: NH3

Ammonia is an molecular
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