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The River

No description

Cathleen Rahimzadeh

on 14 August 2011

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Transcript of The River

The River
By:Julia Rahimzadeh Characters

The two main characters in the story are Brian Robeson and Derek Holtzer. Derek is a psychologist who goes into a coma in the woods of Canada, and Brian is a woods survivor that must take Derek to civilization. Setting

The setting of The River is in the Canadian woods. It takes place over a period of about a week. Plot

A year before The River takes place, Brian Robeson survived in the Canadian wilderness for just under two months. Now, back in Hampton, New York, three men from a wilderness survival school want Brian to go back to the wilderness with one of them so they can study how he survived mentally there. So Brian and a psychologist named Derek Holtzer go back, with only a map and a radio. Brian teaches Derek about how he survived there a year earlier, and, despite the first night of mosquitos and rain, all goes well. Then on their third night a storm comes, and Derek is struck by lightning. Brian spends a whole day kneeling beside him, hoping he'll wake up, but finally accepts that Derek is in a coma. The radio is broken, so Brian can't call for help, but he sees on their map there's a trading post a hundred miles down the river where people could help Derek before he dehydrates. Brian decides to go there, and builds a make-shift raft and oar, then straps Derek on to head down the river. Though Derek and the raft are lost once in some rapids, Brian finds them and they get to the post in just under sixty-three hours, in time to save Derek. Conflict

The conflict in the story is that while in the Canadian wilderness Derek Holtzer, a psychologist, gets struck by lightning and goes into a coma. The solution to the conflict is Brian taking Derek down the river to a trading post where people can help them. Theme

The theme of the story is that with hard work and determination, you can accomplish anything. Brian was determined to help Derek, and worked hard and endlessly to get him to safety. Recommendation

I would definitely recommend this book to a friend. The River is an easy read, but very interesting. I love reading what goes on in Brian's head each time a new conflict comes up, and always read on to find out what Brian Robeson does to survive this time.
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