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Ch 3 - Romulus & Remus

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Ami Wagner

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of Ch 3 - Romulus & Remus

Ch 3 Culture Notes
Romulus & Remus

Founder of Rome with his twin bro, Remus
Name means "little Rome"
Wanted to start Rome on the Palatine Hill - where he & his brother had been deposited by the River god Tiberius
Very superstitious person; made the Romans superstitious
Orchestrated the rape (classical definition - kidnapping) of the Sabine women to get chicks into Rome
Credited with beginning the patronage system
Deified as the Roman god Quirinus after his "death"
Idiot brother of Romulus; got himself killed by making fun of Romulus
Co-founder of Rome with Romulus
Saw 6 eagles or vultures whilst sitting on the Aventine Hill
Wanted to start Rome on the better defended hill of Aventine
Not as superstitious as his brother
Palatine Hill
Rape of the Sabine Women
Tiber River
The Roman Forum
Look up the following terms. Find 3-4 interesting facts about each one! Use pictures in your presentations. Don't forget to cite your sources.
Lupa (She-wolf)
Tiberinus & Tiber River
Palatine Hill
Faustulus & Acca Larentia
Sabine Tribe & Sabine Women
LABEL IT: 3 P4 Last name Last name

The Lupa that saved
Romulus & Remus
Sabine Tribe
Ancient Italic Tribe that lived near Rome
2 members of this tribe eventually became kings of Rome; Numa Pompilius (2nd king) and Ancus Martius (4th king)
Romans got most of their religious rites from the Sabines
Sabine Women
Tricked by Romulus to come early to a "Welcome to Rome" party
Rape (kidnapping) of the Sabine Women occurred around 750 BC
It was how Romulus got wives for the men of Rome
In the ensuing war, the Sabine women are said to have thrown themselves between their old husbands and new - asking to stay with the new so as to avoid any more wars
Tiberinus/Tiber River
Tiberinus was the god of the Tiber River - appointed by Jupiter
He protected the twins (gemini) from drowning
Deposited them at the bottom of the Palatine Hill so the Lupa could find them
Rome was founded on the Tiber River
Called the Tevere River today; possibly named after King Tiberinus of Alba Longa who drowned in it

Lupa is Latin for "wolf"
She found the twin boys after they had been deposited at the bottom of the Palatine hill
Suckled them to help them survive
Ancient symbol for the city of Rome

Faustulus & Acca Larentia
Shepherd who finds the Lupa suckling Romulus & Remus
Raised the twins with his wife, Acca Larentia
Acca Larentia had 12 sons who became the college of Arval Brothers
Another myth has her marrying Hercules or becoming a huge early benefactor of Rome
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