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Eon by Alison Goodman

No description

Hijab Sajid

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Eon by Alison Goodman

Eon by Alison Goodman Beginning... Middle... End... Her Secret Betrayal What Happens? Eona has a deadly secret which may lead to her death. Females aren't allowed to participate in Dragoneye activities and if they are found out, the penalty is death. When her closest friends find out her secret, they realized that they have been lied to for the past few months. Of course, they would feel betrayed. Luckily, Lady Dela and Ryko still help her with a bit of difficulty. I'm afraid that you will find out on your own. I can't tell you the ending! Sun Drug Eona found this grey powdery substance and her guard told her it is 'Sun Drug'. The Unknown Truth When Eon visits her master's house, she frees the servants and makes her close friend, Chart, heir, Eona learns a secret she never knew. Learning to control a Monsoon Eona must practice how to control the King Monsoon with the power of her Mirror Dragon. The problem here is, if she can't call her dragon, she can't use it's power. Death of her Master While they were going to the audience with the emperor, Lord Tyron had sent lime juice to Master Brannon and Eon. A Dangerous Gamble Eon is actually a sixteen year old girl dressed up as a twelve year old boy Co-ascendant Dragoneye Eon miraculously becomes Dragoneye, but not to the dragon she expected. The Mirror Dragon, which disappeared for 500 years, returned and chose Eon as it's Dragoneye Quest to be a Dragoneye Eon trains hard everyday with her master everyday, hoping she can get the position of being a Dragoneye. Being a Dragoneye isn't easy. You have to train day and night. Once the day of the Ceremony comes, you are supposed to fight your teacher. Unfortunately, Eon does not know her dragon's name. And if she doesn't know her dragon's name, she can't use it's power. It turns out that Lord Ido, a big rival of Lord Brannon, had actually sent the lime juice and also poisoned it. The reason for her crushed hip is because her master had someone crush it with a hammer. Her master had done that for power. There is an instrument Eona can use to call her beast, but on the compass there is an old form of writing that not even her acquaintance, Lord Tyron (a Dragoneye) could even read. Sun Drug is very harmful to your body if you take a lot in one day. It makes you look manly, but also drives you mad time to time. When her secret is nearly found out, she begs Lord Ido to keep it a secret. He will but for a price. Will Eona's secret be revealed to all the others? Will she finally find out her dragon's name and use it's power?
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