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UWC Introduction: Joyner and Laupus Libraries

No description

Erin Herrmann

on 27 September 2017

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Transcript of UWC Introduction: Joyner and Laupus Libraries

Writing Center

The Writing Center is for ALL students, faculty, and staff
Come in at
point in the writing process to work with a peer consultant
Make an appointment!
So how to get started?
Main Campus: We are located in Joyner 1015-- through the big glass doorway (turn right after you come in the main entrance after passing the security desk).

Health Sciences Campus: We are located in Laupus 3508C on the third floor of the library.

Come to the Writing Center -- on Health Sciences Campus or Main Campus!
Read your writing.
What 'typically' happens in a session you ask?
University Writing Center
Figuring out the assignment
Brainstorming Ideas
Making a plan
Communicating with professors
Undergraduate and graduate students in lots of different majors who are really interested in your writing-- yes, these people exist!
Navigate to ecu.mywconline.com
Register for an account
Be sure to select the correct schedule from the drop-down menu.
Joyner Library, Laupus Library (Health Sciences), OWL/DE
Log in to view available appointments, select which time you would
like (white boxes are open appointment times), and enter the information regarding your assignment
Talk about your assignment.
Talk about your concerns.
Help you make a revision plan.
Show you ways to address your concerns.
University Writing Center
Your consultant will be on the lookout for you!
Identify areas to focus on improving
Some common concerns
Schedule an appointment!
Joyner Library 1015
Sunday 4-10pm
Monday-Wednesday 9am-10pm
Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-4pm
Laupus Library 3508C

Varies by semester. Please see our schedule for the most up-to-date appointment availability.
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