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Lab Safety Symbols

No description

William Barber

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of Lab Safety Symbols

Symbols that you will come across in a lab....
3 Coins for..
Completing a properly instructed Do Now as a class
Having a great transition into work period from the mini lesson
Leaving the classroom clean.

Do Now
Why would you need to make sure you tie your hair and also remove long jewelry before a lab?
Lab Safety Symbols
What will you need?
Chart Paper
Colored Pencils
The symbol handout
ovement=Picking up your folder and notebook
olume= Silent
articipation= Be ready to take part in a class discussion
Do Now:
September 7th
Work Period
In groups of three you will pick one symbol
try to draw and recreate the symbol of your choice.
name the title and purpose of this symbol
make sure you write down... in what ways could you take extra care when this symbol is displayed in an experiment.

Wrap up
Memory activity
Electric Jellyfish
See Worksheet
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