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The Battle of Lexington and Concord

No description

Nicky Mac

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of The Battle of Lexington and Concord

Links used as resources:
Who is Involved:
First battle in the American Revolution
"Shot heard round the world"
What is this event?
The leaders of the "rebel militia"









April 18, 1775

When the colonists heard General Gage's plan, they set up their own plan involving the North Church Bell Tower and lanterns
1 lantern: The British are coming by land
2 lanterns: The British are coming by sea
That night, two lanterns are hung in the steeple and five famous riders set out on a journey to warn the militia that the redcoats were coming.
John Hancock
Samuel Adams
When the Battle took place:
April 1775
Which date is the date you will never forget?
April 19, 1775!
The American Revolution

Nicky Mac Williams
Elizabeth Hughes
What Started it All:
The Battle of Lexington and Concord
Why the battle began:
On The colonist Side:
as the Intolerable Acts or the Coercive Acts, had the colonists fed up.
The British side:
The British commander at Boston,
General Thomas Gage, had come up with a plan to avoid an armed rebellion by the colonists.
In Lexington, the royal soldiers would capture the leaders of the “rebel militia”, Samuel Adams and John Hancock.
In Concord, he intended to siege the colonist's arsena that held their supplies and ammunition.
But spies for the Americans find out and expose the plan!
The regulars commanded by Major John Piccard, Colonel Smith, and
Colonist Side:
Paul Revere, Dr. Samuel Prescott, and William Dawes are the spies
who warn the villages on the route to Concord and the Congress.
Colonial militia is lead by Captain Parker, as well as Barrett, Buttrick, Robinson and many others.

Fun Fact: It is a myth that Revere and other riders shouted, "The British are coming!" because many would have been confused by this, they considered themselves British. The British soldiers were actually called as Regulars.
British Side:
Lord Percy.
The passing of laws known
Show and Tell Video:
In the American Revolution, both the British and the colonists used guns called muskets.

The guns took over a minute to reload and were not very accurate even when a skilled soldier was using them
At dawn on April 19, 1775, a group of 700 british regulars arrived at Lexington where 77 militiamen were armed and ready.
A Major in the british troops shouted, "throw down your weapons, you rebels!"
The militiamen were about to retreat when a shot was fired. To this day no one knows who fired it.
The British killed 8 colonists before continuing to Concord.
When British arrive at Concord, all the supplies have been moved from arsenal.
They must return back to Boston with nothing to show for their efforts.
When the British arrive at the North Bridge, militiamen fire upon them.
This heavy fire continues until the regulars reach Boston.
That day, over 200 casaulties occurred for the British.
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