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A Pilots's Life

No description

Puja Shastri

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of A Pilots's Life

A Pitot's Life a pilots life is some how diffcult from your life at home the help you and your family have a wonderful flight to some where far away from your home. All the pilots love their job! but when it's long distance say from here to London your guys get a blanket and a pillow to sleep while the pilot is up awake the whole night getting you where you want to go but being a pilot, you have to go thorugh a lot of school. if you go into a airplane, where the pilots work there are alot of buttons and when you go to pilot school you have to learn what ever single button dose and how to use them but you dodn't need every single button every flight also when you finish flight school you don't just have a airline ready with people in it and take off. when a pilot is in traning (in school) they have to learn math,science,geography.
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