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NCSU Rowing Fall 2013

No description

Chris Schneider

on 31 August 2013

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Transcript of NCSU Rowing Fall 2013

Fall 2013
Rowing at NCSU
Student Run club
Established in 1989
Technique and Power
Balance between strength and fitness, developed through gym and water practices

Dues and Details
Attendance Policy
No Experience Necessary
Novice and Varsity rowing with
Coach Chris and Coach Sam.

Two week trial period beginning Tuesday, September 3rd.

Both experienced and beginning rowers welcome!
Travel Throughout the Semester
Chattanooga, TN
Boston, MA
Savanna, GA
Augusta, GA
Clemson, SC
Raleigh, NC
Fellow Rowers
-Rowers from all majors across campus
- Close nit group of people
- Easy to form study groups
- Carpooling to practice
-Social events throughout the semester
Practice Schedule
Two morning land practices
Wednesday and Friday
5:40-7:00 AM
Five water practices
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
4:00-6:00 PM
7:00-8:30 AM
Mental Strength
5 kilometer Fall races (about 3 mi)
Mental endurance for 20+ min pieces
Build a strong team mentality
work together as a single unit
Keeping up with coursework
- Rowers tend to be taller in stature, but height is not a limiting factor.
- A single stroke utilizes almost all major muscle groups of the body.
Strength and balance are key components to a successful rower.
Dues are $200 a semester, plus a $50 fundraising requirement

Fundraising assistance and payment plans available
Dues pay for boats, rack fees, USRowing membership and equipment maintenance
While we hope you can attend all practices, we understand academics come first and we will try to work around your course schedule.
We are a club sport but rowing is highly competitive and missing practice can hurt performance so please give notice if you plan on missing practices.
NCSU Rowing Info session
Fall 2013
What to wear?
Close fitted athletic clothing
THE rowing staple: Spandex
Guys: T-shirt, shorts, spandex
Girls: Sports bra and T-shirt, non baggy athletic shorts, spandex
Sunscreen, water bottle and socks
NCSU Rowing Club
Comments or Concerns
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