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Google Apps Education

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Shawn Kleebaum

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Google Apps Education

Google Apps Education
Google Apps (Education Edition)

"Go Google or Go Home!"
* For a long time, Microsoft Office has just been the default choice for pretty much everyone - consumers, small business, education, big enterprises. Now you can combine the power of desktop apps with the access and collaboration features of online applications.
Basic Set-up

# Step 1: Sign up and Sign in
# Step 2: Domain Verification
# Step 3: Customize Google Apps
# Step 4: Create User Accounts
# Step 5: Migrate Email MX record (if desired)
# Step 6: Making the Switch

* ???
To put it simply, Google does not own your data. We do not take a position on whether the data belongs to the institution signing up for Apps, or the individual user (that's between the two of you), but we know it doesn't belong to us!
Who owns the data?
Google Account
If you sign in to any Google product or service, you already have a Google Account.
Google Apps Education
Google Apps is a service from Google that allows schools or divisions to use custom domain names with several Google products. It features several Web applications that are similar to traditional office suites, including: Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs and Sites. The Education Edition is free and combines features from the Standard and Premier editions.
Google Apps Team Edition

Team Edition includes the same document, spreadsheet, instant messaging, calendaring, and start page functionality from Google Apps. But now it’s easier for classrooms or schools to collaborate using Google Apps without getting their entire school or division or school on board.
Issues / Concerns?
Google Apps
A suite of Google applications that brings together essential services.

Email accounts on your school’s domain. (@boissevainschool.ca)
Free communication & collaboration applications.
Select and customize any combination of available tools and services.
Manage your users through a web-based control panel.
No advertisting.
No hardware or software to download, install or maintain.
Share information and ideas easily.
Email, messaging, and shared calendars ~ everyone at school is connected.
* Your data is safe and secure.
Access documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and sites from anywhere, on any device.
Why use Google Apps Education?
Saves your IT department time and resources.
* Not for control freaks
* Some divisions block Google.
* Resistance to change - people want products they are familiar with.
* Applications aren't nearly as full featured as desktop applications.
* What if Google or the internet is down.
* File formats / export?
* Data is stored in the US.
* Bottlenecks in the Network
* Another email account.
* Google Gadgets.
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