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Company Presentation: Amazon

No description

Allie Begg

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Company Presentation: Amazon

Company Presentation: Amazon

Business Operations
World's largest online retailer
80 Fulfillment Centers
CEO: Jeff Bezo
Strategy is to put profits back into the company for the expansion of services and to create the best customer experience
Competitors/ Challenges
Core Values
Leadership Priniciples
-"Are right, a lot"
-Dive Deep

Amazon strives to be "Earth's Most Customer Centric Company"

"Still Day One"-
Avoid feelings of comfort, or satisfaction. Push onward to greater success.

Allie Begg & Kyle Hido
Current Events
Amazon Prime Air
Current Events
Amazon Prime Air
-Being developed internationally
- Designed to get buyers their packages in 30 minutes or less
- Covers 86% of items sold
-Many difficulties involved with drone use

-Amazon is buying several old Radioshack department stores
-Looking to increase company presence beyond online retail
Interesting Fact About Amazon
Amazon has a huge amount of money invested in storage of products

In total volume, Amazon's warehouses have more square footage than 7 Madison Square Garden arenas, and the volume necessary to hold over 10,000 Olympic pools of water
"everything store"
WunWun: delivery service app
Google vs. Amazon
Amazon Web Services
Internships/ Job Opportunities
internships for: Engineering, Non-Technical degrees, Undergraduates, and MBA students
MANY job opportunities for most career fields
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