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Tips for Education Support Staff

No description

Stuart Hunter

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Tips for Education Support Staff

Tips for Education Support Staff
Role Modelling
Student success!
Best teaching practice + role modelling + professional boundaries + confidentiality =
Safety first
Unconditional positive regard
Arrive on time
Never raise your voice
Negotiate outcomes
Demonstrate active listening skills
Respect and follow the rules
Remain unbiased
Get involved in activities and the school community
Meet the parents
Promote a 'no whinge' culture
Find solutions, not problems
Don't label people or use derogatory terms (and challenge people who do!)
Advocate for your students
Empower your students
Everyone has a right to privacy
Ensure student file notes are stored appropriately
You can't undo something that is in writing
Don't discuss student issues with a third party unless you have consent from the student and/or parent
Mandatory reporting
You never know who's listening!
Be aware of your audience
Be empathetic and sensitive
Professional Boundaries
There is a difference between being friendly and being a friend
Keep your private life, private
Protect your personal information e.g. Facebook page, phone number etc.
Politely decline invitations to parties or social events
Don't get involved in personal or family conflict
Refer the young person to the school counsellor, home group teacher or principal if needed
Avoid physical contact
Discourage present giving and never accept valuable presents
Explain your reasons for the above
Best Teaching Practice
Each child or young person is individual
Arrive early and stay after class
Ask for copies of handouts
Modify resources for individual needs
Check your work for spelling and grammatical errors
Use a clear, consistent approach to everything you do
Use age appropriate language and resources
Identify and use individual strengths, interests and learning styles
It's OK to say, 'I don't know, let's find out the answer together.'
Engage in professional discussions and meetings
Reflect on everything you teach
Promote lifelong learning
Keep up to date with current practice and resources
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