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how to reduce the negative impact of volcano eruptions

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zheng catherine

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of how to reduce the negative impact of volcano eruptions

A brief introduction of my presentation
ways to reduce the negative impact of volcano eruption

1.not to built towns nearby the volcano even though the soil is fertile
Spraying oncoming lava flow with seawater helps.
proven when it was done in Iceland during an eruption in 1983.
citizens of Iceland poured cold water onto flowing lava to slow the lava down
2. spraying water on the coming lava
if the bomb was shoot at correct angle and correct place. the direction of the lava could divert.
The government can sent the military
These people must be trained and experienced or it might cause more harm than before.
3. bomb the lava
block and penetrate the flow of lava
use diversionary lava channels, so as to change the directions of the lava flow.
a map that tells where the lava goes through
you can tell exactly when the volcano will erupt by looking at the map
and this provide enough time to evacuate the people from danger and death
Hazard Mapping
more ways to reduce the negative impact of lava is being invented.
in the future, there might be some ways to prevent volcanic eruption from happening
How to reduce the negative impact of volcano eruptions
catherine zheng

there is no way to prevent volcanoes from happening
volcano is hazardous.( it destroys everything)
reduce the negative impact as much as possible-- important!!
barrier walls
& diversionary lava channels
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