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Marxism- Health and social care- Sociological perspectives

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ummarah shah

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Marxism- Health and social care- Sociological perspectives

Marxism- Health and social care- Sociological perspectives
It is a theory based on conflict- As opposed to what?

It is a structuralist theory based on the conflict of two classes.
Marxist terms to remember
are the Upper class who exploit the working class. Also known as the ruling class, as they have power, influence and status in society.
Mr burns wants to make more profit making his workers work more making him more money and still paying them less
Detail 4
where does Marxism come from?
Marxists argue: One group within society are more powerful than the other. the upper class exploit the working class.
Are the working class exploited by the upper class (Bourgeosie)
He is therefore exploiting them to make himself more and more wealthy- An example of how this is done in real life and how class conflict is created.

The upper class looked to make profit from the lower/working class.
Example- The Simpsons.
In pairs of two I want you to think of your own examples of conflict of two classes either from the media or a made up scenario. You'll have ten mins to think of and you will act out the scenario in front of the group. Remember, to use the correct marxist phrases that show .
who do you think the upper class are? And who do you think the working class are?
Marxism is a structuralist view
In this view, society determines our behaviour because we behave to societys norms and values. We are like puppets on a string, manipulated by society.
In this lesson we'll be talking about
, so therefore you'll learn how to think like a
Marxist Sociologist
According to Marxists, upper class maintain an unequal structure. why do you think this is?
Marxists argue that social institutions are organised in such a way, that they benefit the ruling class.
Think about the following institutions: how do they benefit the ruling class?
The health system
The media
The two main ones
The family-
Provides socialisation of children, preparing them for the disciplines and routines of work.
The health Care System-
ensures a healthy workforce which in turn ensures more profit for the ruling class, giving workers no time off when they are ill.
Believe that doctors hide the real causes of illness (poverty and class inequality) by focusing on the individual and their physical symptoms.
How do you think certain products sold cause ill health, are also products companies make money from?
Now you can complete the 'Marxism' part of your assignment
Refer to your copy of the assignment brief-
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