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Digital Footprint-Your Online Legacy p. 3

No description

Matthew Lynn

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Digital Footprint-Your Online Legacy p. 3

What you put online stays with you What you do online can affect your career Digital Footprint Youtube
Facebook Are you a good Digital Citizen? Google
Linked in
Instagram You should always be careful about what you
share online. Some places check your facebook, twitter, and other social networks and hire based off of how you seem online. Digital Footprint- Cited Websites Everything about you that about you that is posted online. Digital Citizen- Anyone that uses the internet regularly and effectively. By: Matty lynn, Tanshawn Battle, Michael Peyton,
and Brittney Smith A good digital footprint would be, when someone posted their work online and became famous. A negative digital footprint would be when someone was at a party a picture of them drinking was posted online.
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