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Sweat mittens

No description

Dalia Morales

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Sweat mittens

Sweatloves What are Sweatloves?
Sweatloves are comfortable sweaters
attached with a loveable pair of gloves
to make our hands warm and comffy.
They are made with alot of love and
special attention to make our gentle hands
feel very cozzy. Our Mission:
When we have one of those usual days in Durham where its a bit chilly, we often take a small little sweater, later is when we realize that it dosen't have pockets and now are hands are pale and cold. Our mission is to make our hands feel very comfortable when we don't have any pockets in our sweaters. My buisness is a Proprietorship which comes with full control, full profit and it comes with an easy start up. Location:
Our local store and
production is held at
3016 Hillsborough St. The place will
be split in half the top part will be where
the workers will be to make all the sweatloves.
On the bottom part will be the local place where
people can order their sweatloves. At this location
it comes with a big space for parking lot, private
clean bathrooms, security provided, and lots more. Target Audience:
Is for all people, all genders and
all ages. Although its for all kinds
of people it's especially targeted for
students because when we have another
windy day in Durham and we decide
to just take a little sweater, well we target
them for students because the fact that
they have to stand at a bus stop and soon
they have no where to put their poor
cold hands.

What makes us different:
In comparison to other sweaters
would be the fact that some of
them come with slip in pockets in the
front or beside ur hips and well the
problem with that would be that air
easily can get in and well your hands
aren't warm no matter how hard you try.
With my product our gloves will be full
of baby butt softness and lots of care and

Product/Price Info.
Sweatloves are like cumfy sweaters
with very soft gloves sowed at the end
of the sleeve to make our whole arm
warm and comfortable when it comes to those chilly days. Sweatloves comes in all shapes and sizes, customized with watever sweater type and how the customer wants it to be like. Also if you have any crappy sweater without a pair of loveable gloves we can reapair that crappy sweater and make it full of love and warmness. A regular solid color sweatlove would be 13.95. Sweaters that people bring us without gloves added would cost 6.95. Workers/loans:
We would have about 20
workers, that would be getting
paid a minimum pay of 8.00. I
would get a loan about 20,000 to pay
for new material, machinery, and gloves. Comparison:
Aeropostle 19.99
Abercrombie and Fitch 69.95
American Eagle 39.50
Hollister 69.50
Kohl's 19.99
Sweatloves 13.95
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