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Group 3 playground prezi

No description

Mackenzie Pittenger

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Group 3 playground prezi

Group 3's playground prezi Madison, Mackenzie , Karma, Jaelyn, Deja, Madeleine, Brooke Thanks for watching The Graphs Here are our graphs! Here are some pictures that we took of our playground.This equipment is very dangerous!:( pictures Playground Videos We have a play ground video here to show you!:) Reflections This group project has showed us that working together is important. When you come together you can get a lot done. In this process we have made some new friends as well.

This was fun for every one. we made a scale model of the play ground. That took team work big time, because if we were lazy and wouldn't work that took our grades down. That's the reflections. In this video we have Deja, Madison G.,
and Mackenzie P. 3-D models Here are our projects. They took a lot of time and a lot of measuring and teamwork. Safety Our playground is not that safe because there is s shaped hooks that fingers can get stuck into. Somesurfaces. Table of contents Full view of our prezi Suggestions Pictures Videos Graphs reflectoins 3D model saftey Full view Our class got some videos about other schools playgrounds. I wish we could have gotten more results from more schools. We did like watching the ones we had. in most of our videos lots of kids said they liked the slides. They also had good ideas for playground rules. (Maybe we should get more slides.) communication
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